I started writing horror stories three years ago. I have enjoyed coming up with my only little pieces of fictional fear. I've talked to many people about my stories and the same thing always happens. People say they like my stories, and then they tell me their own stories. They tell me real stories. They tell me about the haunted places in their lives and the ghosts that live in their attics. They tell me about mad aunts that speak to dead uncles and ghost babies that crawl through shadowy swamps. These stories are far more interesting than anything I have ever dreamed up. This blog is my challenge and my way of honoring everyone's story. I will write one ghost story a day. I will tell all the stories that have ever been told to me. I will post pictures and listen to every story and dig and wait and fill this blog with all the real stories that serve as evidence of a world outside of our own or at least our faith in it.


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