The Haunting of Amber's House

Christmas day! In the spirit of the season, my sister has reminded me of this story to keep the feeling of family in the blog.

The Haunting of Amber's House

Many years ago, when my sister was nothing but an angst filled teenager, she had a friend who was also an angst filled teenager. This friend lived in an ordinary brown brick house in the South of Huntsville, Alabama. According to Amber, the house was haunted by two cruel spirits that came in the form of an old man and a little girl. She said that at some point, the little took over her body and actually possessed her. My sister can't say any of that is true. But she saw the old man on one occasion. The old man was mostly diaphonous and walked down the hall right past her. The little girl was seen more than once. The first time was a reflection in a mirror and the second time her crying filled the room before she strolled through.

Amber's house had no history haunting. However, the house Amber lived in before had also been haunted by similar malevolent spirits. The spirits seemed to follow her.


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