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The Kenyan Ghost Lion

T his ghost story was sent to me by a wonderful gentleman named Derrek.  It is a personal story and I think these ghost stories are often the most resonant and the most terrifying: What I am telling you may or may not be a story, perhaps it is just the drunken ramblings of a local from a village near Masai Mara in Kenya or my own drunken memories.  Nonetheless when I travel for business, in the product development industry, I often make it a point to stop at local places I have been told are good to visit for a conversation or two.  I was directed to a Mara Bush Camp, the kind where tourists go to take pictures of the wildlife. As soon as I arrived at the bar I knew exactly who I wanted to sit by.  Most people that I know look for a party while they are on a business trip trying to find a lively group for a night on the town.  Throw some money around and you look like a big spender in a place that doesn't have a lot, maybe you get mugged too in the process.  Not

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