Halloween Horror Nights 2018

This is our third year going to the Halloween Horror extravaganza that is Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights.  Every year, for a little over a month, Universal Studios shuts down one of its parks after five and transforms the park into a theme park of horror.  They have at least four scare zones.  These are areas that are decorated to look like certain horrific themes and filled with actors that could jump out at you at any moment.  I am hard to scare and the actors in these zones are always the most likely to get me because I am not ready for them.  I will be standing there having a drink and boom, a killer clown with a chainsaw jumps out from behind me.

They also have 10 unique haunted houses.  This years haunted house line up included, Halloween 4, Trick R Treat, Stranger Things, Poltergeist, a French Zombie Attack, Seed of Darkness (a vile plant related apocalypse house that was far better than I expected), Blumhouse, Slaughter Sinema (a wonderful homage to b horror movies), Scary Tales, Carnival Graveyard, and The Harvest.  They were all wonderful.  The scare zones this year were Child's Play, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, 80's vampires, and Dark Harvest.  This was the best and most intense year we have experienced.  I can't take pictures in the houses and the dark, slightly intoxicated photography that comes out of these experiences are never perfect, but I have posted what I was able to photograph from this year's horror nights!


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