A Photographic Journey Through Chicago's Graceland Cemetery

Chicago's history is littered with ghosts and haunted places. It is home to the nation's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes, and to some of the nation's most famous gangsters (Al Capone).  Every street offers a new view of some fascinating and dark piece of old and forgotten history.  Ghost tours abound and some are much better than others.  However, my favorite place in Chicago is Graceland Cemetery.  It is the home of several famous ghost stories and it is also the resting place of many of Chicago's most prominent figures.  What I love most about this necropolis is the beauty of the tombstones.  They are some of the most striking in the world.   The most famous is that of hotelier Dexter Graves. Beside his grave is a  statue called 'Eternal Silence.' It was created by Taft in 1909 and is stunningly beautiful. This sculpture was at one point entirely black but time has faded its edges and that has only made it more lovely and more haunting.  Legend has it that if you look into the statues face, you'll see your own death. I stared for a very long time yesterday, but didn't see my death.  Maybe I will have to try again tomorrow.


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