A Personal Post on Finding Time to Write.

I have been slow in writing on my blog lately, but I am getting ready to start writing weekly again.  I recently went through many comments on my old blog posts and published them.  I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful comments that have augmented my stories and often added new light to the research I have done.  Your input is very appreciated.  Everyone's continued following of my blog despite my not finding time to write like I used to is also appreciated!

My slowness has been largely due to my focus on my day job.  I have taken a break from writing to open my own practice. You can learn more about it at:


I have been focusing on helping the community and giving back to others by opening a clinic that offers psychological, counseling, and medication management on a sliding scale basis so everyone has the opportunity to get the mental health care they need.  We even offer sessions over Skype.  Although this has been a long time dream of mine, it has essentially stopped my writing on this blog and in general.

However, the many amazing comments that I have gotten recently and the fact that my book, The Accidental Witch made the Kindle Best Seller List have encouraged by to find a way to juggle my clinic and my passion for writing and ghost stories.  Finding time to write has been my greatest struggle lately, but as I have also found much of my inspiration in other amazing writers.  I have been inspired to follow in their footsteps and prioritize writing and this blog.  I hope to hear more comments as I return to regular blogging!


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