A Passing Phantom

A fellow ghost enthusiast I know shared this little spooky tale with me.  He is a nurse who has spent many years working in nursing homes.  He has seen death and knows his face better than most.   Having a patient in a nursing home die is a common occurrence, but it isn't common for that patient to linger after they have died.   My friend witnessed one such occurrence late one night at a nursing home.

One of my friend's favorite patients had passed away that day and he walked into her room to say goodbye.  The room had been cleared out and little remained of the woman he had cared for, however when he entered the room a resonant thudding filled the room.  My friend looked around the room and checked the bathroom.  The thudding appeared to be coming from an empty, plastic box.  He left the room and brought others in the verify what he was hearing and help him discern the origin of the noise.

The noise was irregular.  It came and went but it never left the room or the box.  Everyone who entered the room that night heard it.  The security guard had to leave the room he was so put off by the noise.  The next day the noise was gone and no one could figure out where it had come from.   My friend believes it was the ghost of the woman who had just died coming to say goodbye.  She didn't want to leave without one final farewell. 


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