My American Horror Story Coincidence

I began writing years ago and most of the books I am publishing now I actually finished writing more than two years ago.  It takes a while for books to make it through the publication process.  It is therefore a strange coincidence that the release dates for my books seem to mirror my favorite television show.  This, of course, fills me with giddy glee.

American Horror Story is my favorite show and has been since I saw the very episode.  I make no secret of this.  The first season of American Horror Story was set in a haunted house in California that was known as Murder House.  It followed one family's daunting experiences in this twisted house.  It also tells the diabolical history that lives in the shadows of this chilling house.  Ghosts of the wicked dance across the screen and made this season of American Horror Story utterly unique.  That same year I released my second Haunted book, Haunted Chattanooga, in it I go over the dark and terrifying haunted locations in Chattanooga.

The second season of American Horror Story was called Asylum.  This season was even more twisted than the first and all you could do was watch in horror as the history of  an evil asylum opens up before you. That year my novel, Circe, was released and it chronicled the haunted and twisted history of Searcy State hospital in South Alabama. 

This year American Horror Story delves into witchcraft with its third season, Coven.  The wicked witches in this season summon the dead, murder each other, and bury my favorite serial killer alive.  It is magnificent.  This fall, my latest novel is The Accidental Witch, which chronicles a clinical psychologists descent into a world of dark magic and sex after she receives a strange spell book in the mail, was released.

Of course, this is all just lucky coincidence, but it is enough to make me happy.  I'm hoping the trend continues, but I doubt it will last another season.  Either was I can't wait to see what American Horror Story will bring next!


Julie Ferguson said…
I love that show too. It has obviously had an effect on you.
L. Shepherd said…
That's a cool coincidence. Isn't this season amazing? I think it's by far the best of the three.
Unknown said…
Skye mohamad25540
Gatekeeper said…
Love the first two seasons but this third one about witches is not for me.

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