The Island of the Dolls

There is an island just South of Mexico City called Xochimico. Xochimico is famous for its beautiful gardens, scenic canals, and ancient history. Thousands of tourists travel through the canals of this beautiful island to gaze in wonder at the hanging gardens of Mexico. Hidden deep in these canals, far away from the normal tourist routes is a swamp with that is thick with scraggly trees that are all hung heavy with with the broken and shattered remains of an army of dolls.

According to travelocity, it is the creepiest place on earth. Although I have never seen this island, I tend to agree. Fifty years ago, a little girl drown in the extensive canals that innervate the small island. At the time the island was occupied by a man named Don Julián Santana Barrera. Shortly after the little girl drowned, Barrera found a doll in the swampy waters of the isolated island. A few days later, he found another doll. Several days later he found another doll. Berrera became convinced that the dolls were a sign from the netherworld. He believed that the dolls were vessels that had been sent to keep the little girl company and prevent evil from seeping out through the swamp. Berrera took this message seriously and began to collect dolls from all over and hang dolls from the trees.

Berrera died mysteriously some time later and from that point the mystery grew. Many people said that the dolls had come to life and killed Berrera. Others insisted they had seen the dolls wandering the island at night. Some believe that the dolls have come to life to replace Berrera as the island's keeper. Whatever the case, the pictures of this location are terrifying. It is an island hung with decaying, glass eyed dolls that stare out vacantly at those that pass by in boats.


C.A. said…
Ever since I saw the original "Chuckie" movie dolls have sort of creeped me out. I bet that place is truly scary!
I find this story so captivating. I love creepy dolls as a horror device. I wonder if anyone has made a movie, or plans to make a movie, based on this.
sistina said…
Thank you for bringing this jewel to light.

Anonymous said…
Thank you for bringing the jewel to light.

Julie Ferguson said…
A very creepy island to visit and yet I want to.
darkphoenix70 said…
im new to blogging and this post is very similar to the one im actually working on. In fact i never heard of Xochimico but la isla de las munecas. This place is mainly known as la isla de las munecas i guess.
In fact, i have been told the story differently by many people. People said that the man was driven to madness then he started collecting dolls from rivers, dump lands and especially from the nearest village of the island. He would then hang them all over the island as a tribute to the little girl. The doll which he firstly found was said to have whisper him to keep collecting those dolls and hanging them. With time, the dolls started decaying and some even became house for insects.
I absolutely agree on the fact that it is described as being one of the most creepiest place on earth. I would also like to go there one day. Nowadays whenever tourists go to visit the island, they bring along a doll which they hang on the trees. This is why there are so many dolls there. Isn't it awesome to visit such a place and bring there a doll?
Anonymous said…
yeah it is called la islas de las munecas, been there last year..Great place! You definitely need a visit there darkphoenix!
Anonymous said…

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