The Ghosts of Macknac Bridge

The Mackinac Bridge is always impressive.  Driving across the bridge makes it seem even more impressive.  Its length and height alone make it a daunting site.  Mackinac Bridge is five miles long and from cable to anchorages, it is the longest suspension bridge in the world.  The bridge connects the two tourist towns of Mackinaw City and St. Ignace and is crowded with travel, trailers, campers and cars.  It is filled with travelers on the road to their vacations or returning from them. The bridge was designed by Dr. David B. Steinman and opened to traffic on November 1, 1957,  The construction of this bridge was hazardous and fraught with danger as the Straights of Mackinac are known to be turbulent and treacherous.  However, the bridge was completed on time and now seres as the primary link between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan.

Mackinac Bridge is amazing.  Its graceful form stretches over the blue water with an eerie grace and it isn't surprising that the bridge has gathered a few ghost stories.  Driving over the bridge is a bit unsettling.  It is creepy know that there are miles between you and the nearest land and seeing nothing but blue water beneath you.   The ghost stories associated with this lovely bridge aren't that impressive.   They are certainly less impressive than the bridge itself.   Local lore states that a family once had a traffic accident on the bridge and a baby died in the collision.  Since that time, cries of babies have been heard on the bridge at night.   There are also many stories linking the bridge to multiple suicides.  Local legend says that the ghosts of those that ended their lives by leaping from the bridge still roam the bridge looking for the solace they could never find in life. 


GhostlyGarden said…
I can't believe that bridge is 5 miles long! That is crazy! The longest bridge I have been on is the Second Severn Crossing which goes between England and Wales which is 3.19 miles long. We used to cross over the Severn Bridge (just under a mile long) when we went to visit my grandparents in Wales and then take the Second Severn Crossing on the way back just because my brothers and I wanted to go on the 'big bridge!' I used to think it went on forever as a child!

The story about the baby cries is a little lame, for one you probably won't hear it on account of the engine noise and the usual sounds of driving, unless the cries came from inside your car.. now that would be creepy! I'd imagine there would also be a lot more accidents if the ghosts of suiciders were roaming the bridge! I can imagine people swerving their cars to try to avoid them thinking they were real human beings!

I remember hearing a ghost story about a bridge when I was younger. It was about a small bridge in america I think! It went along the lines of people nowadays stop their car to shout something or other.. I think it was something about a horse and cart that went over the edge? I had a dream about it once! I can't remember what the bridge was called though! xxx
Julie Ferguson said…
The bridge has a creepy feel to it.
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