And Now For Something Completely Different.......

I have slowed down a little while I struggle to make my deadlines for my next book.  My next book is coming out July 22nd and I'm rushing to finish everything on time.  It has nothing to do with ghosts or hauntings and is completely different from anything I've ever done before.  The mock-up of the cover to the left is a sneak peak into the surreal world of The Twilight Saint. 

I'm also planning a return to my family house this month and Washington DC next month and I'll be driving to South Alabama to take photographs and do interviews for Haunted South Alabama next month as well.  With all this, my blogging may slow down a bit. I'm hoping I'll take some fabulous pictures along the way.  I'm also hoping to do some posts on my travel destinations.  Until then, I'll have a few more ghosts and curses to fill up the blog. 


LOVE the cover Jessica! Don't know how you manage all of this! Safe travels ~*~Lisa
Julie Ferguson said…
Exciting. Looking forward to the pictures and the stories of your adventures.

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