Haunted South Alabama

I've been a little slow in blog posting this week because I have been working on my next History Press Book, Haunted South Alabama.  The journey I take in writing a collection of ghost stories is always interesting.  I begin with an outline I submit with my book proposal package, but as I bury myself in research, I often discover ghost stories are not what I expect them to be.  For example,  all the internet sites and stories I'd heard about the haunting of Space Camp said there was some kind of explosion there that lead to a haunting.  After I went to Space Camp and did my research for Haunted North Alabama, I learned this couldn't have been further from the truth.

With Haunted South Alabama,  I thought I would be focusing on the ghost stories in old forts along the beaches and in Montgomery.    What I've discovered is that there are enough ghost stories in Selma alone to fill a book.  I didn't know much about the history of Selma, Alabama.  It was one of those rural Southern towns I could have passed by entirely without noticing, but now that I've heard its history and learned more about it, it is filled with enough ghost lore to keep me there for weeks.   I've found the ghosts of Bloody Sunday and a wonderful headless lady ghost.  I've found an old mill with dark spirits and the lady who told me these stories is willing to tell me more.  I'm thrilled.   Hopefully, I will be traveling to Selma to collect more stories and I'll be even more busy over the next month or so.   I really can't wait to keep writing, but sadly my book adventures do keep me from the blog.   Hopefully,  I'll have something else to post here soon too. 


Sandra said…
How exciting to write about ghosts. I remember Kathryn Tucker Windham, who was from Selma, talk about some of the ghost stories from that area.
Sandra said…
Here's a link to hear Kathryn Tucker Windham if you're interested. She was a wonderful storyteller.

Jessica Penot said…
Thanks! I love kathryn Tucker Windham. I was lucky enough to be named in a Newspaper article about her once and I still have it on my refrigerator. I won't ever be as awesome as her, but just to be named with her was an honor.
Concratulations on yet another book, Jessica!

There are so many places I still haven't traveled to; and your area would be one of them. One day; perhaps!

There is something about historic areas, as well as water; that simply brings about a good ghost story and/or a 'ghost' or two.

Congratulations as well; on having been included in the article, as well. Quite the honor!
laughingwolf said…
look forward to it, jess

i'm back - new look, same old crap
Jeffery said…
The journey is usually more fulfilling than the destination the poets tend to say..Cheers Jess!
Courtney Mroch said…
So awesome! Congrats on the new book. Sounds like you're already having fun uncovering more stories!
Sandra said…
congrats on the article! I just love Kathryn! I used to listen to her ages ago on the radio. she had a spot on npr and i loved listening to her while I was in freeway traffic.
Julie Ferguson said…
It sounds like the research is going to be fun. Congrats on the new book.
Jessica Penot said…
Sorry.. I'm even slow responding to blogs now.
Laughing Wolf. I'm glad your back. I love your posts.

Jeffrey.. The journey is always better than the destination. Especially when you are a writer.

Thanks Courtney and Adsila. I know ya'll have and will be having your own book journeys so you know how it feels.
Lewis Powell IV said…
I'm glad to hear this area is being properly covered in your capable hands! If you need any suggestions of places to cover, let me know. I also have researched a number of these locations and I'd be happy to share any research I have.

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