The Woman in Black

I have been spending a good deal of my time trapped at home lately.   My adventures have been fewer and fewer and the only thing I really want to do is sleep when I have a few free minutes.  I guess that is the price you pay for having a baby.  That made it a miracle that I made it to a movie on Friday night and it was a fantastic movie.   The Woman in Black stars Daniel Radcliff as a forlorn father who lost his wife in childbirth.  He is trying to keep up with his job and his young son on his own and is quite obviously crippled by grief.  His son even notices his father's depression and all the pictures he draws of his father bare a distinct frowny face.  When the Father is forced to close up an old house and go through all of the paper work in it, the ghost story begins.   Radcliff's law firm gives him an ultimatum.  He can do a fantastic job with the paperwork or he will lose his job and thus be unable to support his son.  Trapped in a bleak house that terrifies the local villagers, Radcliff discovers old secrets and a vengeful ghost that enjoys killing children.

The Woman in Black is a very well constructed piece of Gothic ghostlore.  It uses atmosphere, foreshadowing and subtlety to ramp up the tension in the plot.   The film moves beyond creepy and becomes truly scary at times.   Daniel does a very good job with his role as a young attorney struggling to keep his sanity for his son and the supporting cast is equally as skilled.   I would definitely recommend this movie to any fan of ghost stories and hauntings.  Sadly, my viewing experience was somewhat diminished by the man seated a few rows behind me.   I believe this movie would have scared me, but as children died tragically he called out,  "That's a good way to get out of paying child support."   I suppose having your children murdered by a vengeful ghost will get you out of child support,  but it will also get you out of parenting all together.   He also managed to fart to so loud that despite the movie theater quality surround sound that literally shook the chairs, the entire theater giggled when he passed gas.   I think he probably should see a GI doctor for that.  Also, for some reason his young son sat on the other side of the theater from him (maybe because of the farting?) and every few minutes he would run in front of me with the popcorn yelling at his father and asking him if he needed more popcorn.  The long and short of it is,  The Woman in Black was probably a scary movie, but I wouldn't know it  because I couldn't stop giggling at the farting and madness of the man behind me.   Oh well, I still enjoyed the movie and I couldn't stop laughing all the way home.


Haha! Some people can be so distracting during a movie. That's so gross and hilarious. I can understand why his son sat across the theater from him! The child support joke was in bad taste the first time, but saying it more than once is really lame.

I can't wait to see this movie. It looks very atmospheric and well filmed. The trailer was filled with creepy shadows, anyway. Maybe it would be best to watch it alone on DVD in the privacy and darkness of my own living room!
Thanks for the run-down - can't wait to see this one! (the man was tooting and cracking bad jokes because he was scared) LOL! ~*~Lisa
Jessica Penot said…
Justine... It is worth seeing in the theater, even witht the farting man. I would do it again.

Moonlit Stitch.. I think you'll love this one!
We had the Manson Family in front of us. I was just happy I made it out of the theater alive.
Jeffery said…
Definitely a Midnight session for me methinks!..Followed by a Pancake supper!
Poor Vou! Giggle compensation is better than nothing though!
Cheers Jess!
Vanessa Morgan said…
I'll probably go and see this one in the theatre. It looks definitely creepy.
Julie Ferguson said…
My beef is the talkers. They just don't know how to shut up. I usually tell them to zip it so I can hear the movie. Also, I can't stand those kids running up and down the isles. One time I was able to stick my foot out and trip the little bastard. He quit running and everyone around us was happy. The movie sounds great and I can't wait to see it.
Woah! The moviegoing experience doesn't sound good in the US! I don't think that would be tolerated here. Farting guy would quite possibly have the crap beaten out of him if he didn't shut up. This whole incident is reminding me of a 'Seinfeld' episode where George was attempting to crack a joke during a film. Does that happen all the time?

Anyway, sounds like the film is fabulous! I loved all the trailers. Still no word on a release date in Australia. I'm about to start reading the book. Astonishingly, my son has to study it in school this year... finally, helping with homework is going to be fun!

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