Cracked Ghost Stories: The Anus Ghost

Recently, posted a list of the seven most ridiculous ghost stories.   It was a wonderful list that I enjoyed on every level.  I didn't agree with the writer on every count.   He did seem to think all Japanese ghost stories are insane.  I love Japanese ghosts and folklore and I know some of their ghost stories are silly, but I can't agree that all of them are ridiculous.  I also have to wonder if some of the list just seems ridiculous to Westerners because there is cultural context we are missing.   Most of's list seems to come from other cultures and different cultures vary greatly in their folklore and religion and this makes one culture's terrifying tale another cultures exercise in absurdity.   Anyhow,  here is my favorite ghost story from the list and I can't think of a cultural context that wouldn't make me giggle a little over this.

The Shirime

According to, The Shirime is a terrifying naked man ghost.  It accosts people on long lonely roads and sexually harasses them.   In one story, a samurai is attacked and when the samurai turns around to face his attacker, his attacker disrobes.  When the samurai decides to flee, the naked man ghost bends over and exposes his anus.   This is horrifying on so many levels.   The most horrifying aspect of this is that the ghost has an eyeball in its butt hole. I did some research and I couldn't find any more to this story than this.  Apparently the Shirime can be attributed to one Haiku poet from the 17th century.  I haven't read of anyone who has actually encountered this spirit, so thankfully it seems to be just folklore.  I guess we are all grateful for this.
I plan on continuing to write about Alabama State Hospitals tomorrow.   As the doors close on Alabama's hospitals, I hope these posts will serve as a memorial, but for today I needed a laugh and there isn't a ghostly story out there that made me laugh as hard as the butt hole ghost.
To read more of's ridiculous ghost stories you can follow this link:


Julie Ferguson said…
Thanks for the chuckle. I am thankful that I have never seen a naked ghost with an eye in his butt, LOL.
Jeffery said…
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Jessica Penot said…
Adsila..I'm with you!

Jeffrey.. You may be right. This would certainly scare anyone straight :)
Zack Davisson said…
So, I just had to chuckle at the idea of samurai having repressed homophobia. They were notorious and enthusiastic pederasts! It was only Western missionaries who convinced Japan that homosexuality was anything abnormal.

Japan was--and is--a country with very little sexual or body shame. There is a culture of communal bathing, and they see each other naked constantly. They don't have any swear words involving body parts or functions.

But they really, really enjoy body humor. Farts. Boobs. What have you. Especially anything coming out of the butt. Love it. There are some great haikus dedicated to farts, and some lovely ukiyo-e pictures of fart battles.

And of course, there are many butt-related Japanese monsters.

Here is another:

Kappa to Shirikodama – Kappa and the Small Anus Ball
I guess haemorrhoid sufferers can take comfort in knowing that there are worse things to have located in the butt region.
Courtney Mroch said…
Crazy post. Sounds like something out of Ace Ventura where he talks with his butt. Maybe that is a rendition?

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