A Pact with The Devil

This story came to me by way of people I know.  It is a story with a loop.  It looped back to a story I have blogged about before. It was a true story about a young man involved with Satanism who ended up hurting his family.  I am not going to say any names here to protect the confidentiality of those involved, but I couldn't help but write about it.  The story was too sad and seemed like it needed to be told.

Some time ago, on a Friday 13th,  a man walked into his living room with his wife and daughter.  He shot himself.   This was devastating for his family in every way imaginable.  It was tragic and wrong.   The man had been depressed and his behavior had been increasingly more erratic since his father has passed away two years earlier, but no one had imagined he would hurt himself. 

In time, the family moved on.  Wounds healed, but were never forgotten.  Sorrow remained part of life.  One day, the wife was told a story about her husband.  She found out that he had been best friends with an infamous Satanist.  A Satanist that had ended up committing terrible atrocities.  This made the wife remember a story her husband had told her.  Her husband has told her that when he was a teen he had loved a girl more than anything.  Sadly, she hadn't even know he existed.   He told his wife he made a pact.  He had made a pact that he would give something up is he could just have this girl.  The wife hadn't asked for details about who the pact was with, but the man had said he had made the pact on Friday the 13th.   The pact was made and the man got the girl.   She dated him and for a while it seemed worthwhile.   Ten years later, his father died on Friday the 13th.  After that, the man was never the same.  He steadily became worse and worse until his suicide on the same day.

It is now the wife's belief that the pact the man made was with the devil.   It could be argued that the devil gave him what he wanted in exchange for his father's life and his own soul.   That is certainly an aura that hangs around the case.  It could also be said that the man attributed his father's death to the devil and thus was driven mad by his own belief.   Either way, it was that pact that lead to his decline and demise and the story will haunt his family.


Jeffery said…
Guilt and Coincidence make for great myth!
magikalseasons said…
Very scary! On a none scary note you won my odd little mushroom! Stop by so I can send him to you. :) Becca
Courtney Mroch said…
I love how Jeffery worded it. So true!
Gatekeeper said…
I love these types of stories
Jessica Penot said…
Jeffrey... You did word it beautifully like Courtney said.

MagikalSeasons..Sorry I'm so slow. I stopped by to pick up the reward today. It is awesome and I'm thrilled. The new baby has me moving like a snail.

Gatekeeper... Thanks!
Guilt and conscoius DO make for spooky stories; that said? I lived a house where a man died while his wife and child were present. It was so sad.

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