Baby Monitor Hauntings

Baby monitors are often depicted as portals to the other worldly.  In films such as Insidious,  they pick up the voices of the ghosts haunting their house.  In movies like Signs,  they pick up Alien voices as the aliens plan an invasion.   Baby monitors are natural receivers and many believe they pick up more than the sweet voices of the babies they are designed to monitor.

Last night I tucked my baby in early.  I turned on the baby monitor and in my exhaustion, I fell asleep beside him.   I didn't notice my husband come home late.  He didn't notice the monitor was still on.  He sat down in the den next to the other end of the monitor and began working on his dictations.   Suddenly, the baby monitor exploded in a cacophony of noise and chaos.  He turned it off, but it got me thinking  about baby monitors.

A quick search of the Internet will reveal thousands of stories of hauntings and baby monitors.  In one single forum, I found hundreds of stories of people who heard ghosts through a baby's monitor.  Phantom voices drift over the monitors and video baby monitors expose strange black fogs wandering through nurseries.  One woman described hearing her dead father-in-laws voice over the monitor.  He was softly comforting her weeping baby.   Many stories are like this. They hear the ghost comforting weeping babies or see the ghosts hovering over the baby's crib.

Most theorists believe that baby monitors act in the same way EVP recorders do.  EVPs or electronic voice phenomena are voices picked up over recording devices.  Phantom voices that aren't heard  with the naked ear are recorded and heard on playback.   Those who believe, think that baby monitors receive in the same way other EVPs are recorded.  EVPs are heard on the receiving end of the baby monitor.   The voices of ghosts can be heard the same way audio playback reveals EVPs.

Other theorists believe that children and animals are more open to the spirit world.  Animals and young children can see and feel ghosts in the ways that adults can not.  According to these theories, baby nurseries would draw ghosts who want to interact with the living.  Most of the stories about nurseries and ghosts are pleasant.  People hear the ghosts of loved ones whispering to the babies.   It is away for the deceased to interact with their family when they are gone.

So it is possible that the baby monitor beside my son's bassinet picked up something unworldly. Maybe my mother-in-law came to sing to her grandson or my father-in-law came by to whisper to him in French.   Perhaps when my son looks behind me and laughs at the darkness over my shoulder he is seeing the friendly face of someone who has gone before us.   Of course, there is no way to be sure and much of this could just be attributed to electronic glitches that quickly resolve.   Either way, I'm bringing my baby monitor with me on my next over night at a haunted hotel. 


Jeffery said…
I thought I'd mention a book you might find intriguing!..Have a look at Haunted Media a History of unusual events in technology..By Jeffery Sconce..Ever since Tesla and Marconi introduced us to Radio and Electric fields weird stuff has been going on..It's a good read too Jess!
Jessica Penot said…
I would love any books with Tesla and Marconi in them. Have you read Thunderstruck?
Jeffery said…
No I haven't Jess! But after Googling it I might!..I have read several Tesla and Marconi Bio's though, fascinating people!..I smile everytime someone says Edison invented the light bulb..Talk about Myths!..Perfected maybe!..But Invented!..Hehehehehehe
Adsila said…
Damn, I never picked up anything strange on my baby's or grandbaby's monitors. I am curious to see what happens when you take yours on the next ghost hunt you attend.
Vanessa Morgan said…
I used to see ghosts when I was a toddler, but I haven't seen them since. I've always had a vivid imagination, but they seemed awfully real to me at that time.
Courtney Mroch said…
I don't know why. You didn't write anything funny, but I felt like laughing when I first started reading about your husband coming home and it going off. This is super intriguing. Great post!
Jessica Penot said…
Sorry I'm slow responding to comments!

Adsila.. I've never picked up anything strange either. My husband was the one who got lucky. Darn it!

Vanessa... That is interesting. I know other folks have seen spirits as a child. I don't think it is necessarily just having a vivid imagination.

Courtney.. My husband is a funny guy. Maybe you were just feeling his sense of humor coming through in the post. Even when I don't mean to make people laugh they laugh when I talk about him.
A really interesting post. I have no experience with baby monitor phenomena because I didn't use one with my son, but several years ago I did hear a strange voice coming from my car radio while I was driving. The weird part was that the radio was actually turned off. I pulled over to listen to it but it was whispery and unintelligible. It only lasted for a few minutes.
Jessica Penot said…
Little Gothic Horrors... That is REALLY creepy. I think that would be something that would scare me, and I don't scare easily.
Your new baby is the most precious thing in your life, and you want to do anything and everything you can to make sure your little one is safe. A baby monitor is a good investment. Even if your baby is in the next room, you can have peace of mind and know your little one is safe.
Anonymous said…
Our baby monitor starts with the crazy noises whenever we are too close to it with the laptop or our phones. I do often lay awake listening to my son's crazy breathing... I swear I've heard whispering at times but I know it's just his noises. I love ghost stories but I don't love the thought of my own house being one. In my mind ghosts DO NOT exist when it comes to my house... that's how I sleep at night. :)
Erica Ortiz said…
So I'm sitting here at work reading this blog, and all of a sudden there's this static playback coming through my speakers on my computer. It sounds like when you have a cell phone too close and there is a message or call coming through.

I moved my cell phone, and it kept going until I closed your blog. I thought you might've made a cool sound play, but it hasn't done it again since I came back.

Really weird.
slim6711 said…
Last night I was laying in bed half asleep and heard a women's voice in the baby monitor saying "hello". I woke my fiancee up and asked het if she had heard that and of coarse she hadnt cause she was sleeoing. At that time our son woke up and made some noise and soon feel back asleep. I couldnt shake the feeling or convince myself that I hadnt heard it. So was i half asleep and just heard our son making noice that sounded like hello? Or was it my mother who has passed saying hello to her grandson?
Anonymous said…
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Ginger Gose said…
Ok, I have a 3 year old . Her name is Liddya . About 2 weeks ago I heard "something " on her monoter when I stopped and listened it was more than "something" I heard someone wispering a song in perfect English "The bear went over the mountain , the bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain , to see what it could see. I thought "Yep I've lost it for good" . My daughter has Down Syndrome and two words in one sentence is the most I've ever heard , that being only once.
Last week I told my Husband and he tells me he heard someone a few days earlier say " Hey. Liddya " I was like "???"!!!!
Liddya is the best child I have had out of my three girls. Always good and always happy and she loves music and Barney . I have woken up too many times to count to find her awake never making a sound happy and content and now that she is older playing and her favorite thing to do talking to herself in the mirror so now I wonder has this, whatever this is, alway been there . I don't know what to think ,and she loves her room , she's trying to go to her room now . Sometimes I want to turn it off when I think about it and bring her to my room like I have been doing a lot but I know she is ok . I don't want to but u guess I'm going to let her go play. Lord please keep us safe and me comforted , yep there's her let me out growl . Here we go.

Kinda freaking out, sorry so long
Lillian Jones said…
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