Decorating for Halloween

It is finally October and it is the season of dark clouds and ghouls.  Halloween or Samhain is in the air.  The ancients believed that the veil between worlds thinned at this time of year.  They believed that this thinning allowed for ghosts and dark spirits to cross over to our world.   Bon fires were lit to drive such spirits away and many of our traditions come from techniques people used to drive bad spirits away.  All of this is usually forgotten now, however. Halloween has evolved into the most exciting time of year for all of us out there that like the dark side of things and I've begun to decorate.  Here are a few pictures of the first of my Halloween decorations to go up this year.   There will be more, but this is a fun beginning!  Happy preparations and I hope everyone out there is having as much fun as I am getting ready for Halloween.   I will be traveling this week and will be posting many ghostly tales to get everyone ready for this most ghostly time of year.


Julie Ferguson said…
Love the decorations. I am getting ready for Halloween.
wicKED said…
Looking good! It's scary how similiar some of our decorations are. You have the Gothic Gemmy Lantern, The black hand of glory, Dropping spider, large brown spider, and the candelabra that I have out..... great minds?
Is that last photo an urn with a ghostly face? I haven't seen a decoration like that before. Any day now, my Halloween decorations are going up!
Pale said…
Looks like I am a little behind here. Decorations look marvelous. I just stopped by to ask if you know about Katie Boyd?

A little reading to get you into the holiday spirit ... or is it the other way around? ;) Thought you might like her titles. Also, if you haven't already ... check out Mary Ellen Guiley.

These look FABULOUS, Jessica! Every picture is just gorgeous! I'm feeling very inspired!!
Jessica Penot said…
Wicked... It must be great minds. I wonder how many other props we have that are the same?

Justine... I know you'll have awesome decorations too. The urn with the ghostly face is my favorite. The face only appears when you walk past it and it tells you that this house is haunted.

Thanks little gothic horrors, zombie mom, and adsila!
A few less spiders and that would be perfect! :D

Jessica Penot said…
The Frog Queen.... I shouldn't admit this to you but I like spiders. It is terrible, but I always feel like they protect me from the rest of the bugs.
laughingwolf said…
great props, jessica :)

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