Our Dearly Departed

I'm not sensitive to ghosts and I'm not easily spooked, but last night I just about jumped off my sofa.  I was sitting on my couch, watching television like a giant slug.  I heard the dogs barking and looked up at the cat walk.   Both my dogs were chasing what looked like a person walking across the catwalk.  I went crazy.   I was alone in the house very late night with my children and seeing a strange person wandering down the hall being pursued by my frantically barking corgis was enough to set me off.   I went to grab a weapon and pursued the intruder up the stairs.  I was armed and dangerous.   Both my children were upstairs and I didn't want anything touching them.  Suddenly the dogs stopped barking and wandered down stairs.  I did a thorough search and found nothing up stairs.  Both my children were sound asleep and cocooned under a nest of covers.  The house was still and all was quiet.  The dogs slept.

This left me with a bit of a mystery.  There was clearly someone upstairs.  My dogs saw it.  I saw it.  It was an adult person.   I sat down to ponder whether or not both the dogs and I had accidentally ingested LSD when my husband came home.  He reminded me that his mother had died two years ago last night.  He was sad.   I had completely forgotten about the day because I forget all birthdays and anniversaries by default, but now I had to wonder if my unexplained event and the date were related.  I've heard stories of ghosts that only return on the anniversary f their death.  Perhaps this is what I saw.   I saw my mother-in-law going upstairs to check on the grandchildren she loved so much.   I hope so.  There is actually comfort in that thought.  There is comfort that somehow those who have left us can still come back and check on us and make sure we are alright, that they can love us from afar even if we can't always see them.  It is certainly more comforting than my accidental ingestion of LSD theory.  Either way, I'll light a candle for my mother-in-law today.  She and I had our differences, but I miss her now that she is gone. 


Julie Ferguson said…
Spooky... it was probably your Mother-in-law.
wicKED said…
Wow that was spooky. I think spirits visit us on special days like that because of all the energy those days tend to produce. I think they are more prone to show when those times come back round.
I've so many experiences such as this. There is definitely going on for believers, skeptics, an those who are 'on the fence' so to speak. Our animals have notices so much this past week; just as I; Full apparitions, noises in broad daylight; and and such.

I agree with Adsila; it was was your mother-in law. I will also light a candle in her rememberence.

The new blog blog design is beautiful!
Jessica Penot said…
Adsila... I hope your right!

wicked... I hadn't thought of the energy collected on those days. That is a good point.

Heart Centered Psychic..If your animals noticed things this week, do you think this week is special? Thanks for the compliment on the new blog design!
Jeffery said…
Well Mate! the period between the Harvest Moon and Samhain is said to be a traditionally active period for spirits. Being pregnant is supposed to enhance your sensitivity as well to the Netherworld according to all the myth and legend. Perhaps Nanna is looking to be reborn! Not having a Daughter by any chance are you?..Hehehehe
Cheers Mate!
Jess, There are several theories, beliefs, and so forth regarding what is happening here. Just as everyone has differerent opinons on other things? Same goes here.

Jeffery; does bring up several good points. During certain times of the year; such as exinoxes as well as solstices. Many sense a difference,

For those who believes in reincaration; he also brings up a good point.

There are many scientific thoughts, theories, etc.; that used to be considered "crazy" talk. Just as animals are sensitive to earthquakes which is a shift in the earth energy. The also are sensitive to other energies. Solar changes, lunar changes, moon and tide together; and so forth. Put it all together and it can become the perfect storm! HeeHee!!

Hormonal changes? Sure!

I am no scientist, by any means; I am simply a sensitive (psychic) who is very in tune to energies. This is why I've always been highly under-rated.

I would be happy to either talk to you about it; or write a guest blog; if you like! All you need to do is ask. I don't have many followers on my blog and am considering giving it up to write books.

Hope this helps somewhat. By the way; you've more than one presence; humans and animals. Wait until you watch a cat run out of your nightstand and/or a large dog you don't own standing in your home!

Heart Centered Psychic
Andrea Allison said…
Wow...that's a little eerie. I think if it were me I would have gotten the kids and ran out of the house. Of course, that's because I'm a chicken. ;)
Lewis Powell IV said…
I have a good friend to whom this happens frequently. Her father came from a line of Spiritualists and he appeared to a family friend in the hour after his death. Since then, he is active around family birthdays and the anniversary of his death. For instance, around my friend's daughter's birthday, he turn all the stuffed animals on the daughter's bed around. Additionally, I think the family may have a family spirit as all the children have reported activity in their respective homes.
Lewis brings up a good point. I also think some people are more highly sensitive and it there may be a genetic component, as well.
Bridgett said…
that is interesting. i too live in a haunted house. i have never seen a full bodied apparition, though. Only shadows, but there has been some poltergeist activity here as well. Experienced by my children and myself. This kind of thing intrigues me more than it scares me. My husband has got up in the middle of the night with a gun because of banging several times.

My dog was barking last week at nothing, growling etc... in the morning my son mentioned that he saw a man standing near his closet.

so that freaked me out a bit, but anyway.... i had a medium offer to come to my home but I am not sure if I should. i figure if it's not broke don't fix it. don't want to upset any ghosts you know?

what do you think? medium or not... i dunno about this.

also, i am writing a horror/thriller book which i post excerpts on my blog. follow and give feedback if you would. I am looking for insight and constructive commentary. i have also followed your sight, as i find your blog interesting. ty.


Good Morning! Jessica, if you are serious about a guest post? Do let me know; you know how to contact.

I did not answer or give input into the question posed by Bridgette; as this is your blog; and we all have differing options on the matter.

As for myself; I am off and running this morning. Have a wonderful day!! :)

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