Old Photographs with Old Orbs

Although I have always loved a good ghost story, for many years of my life, I wrote off all paranormal experiences as part of my overactive imagination.  I was a rationalist.  In many ways,  I still am.  I always look for natural explanations for everything before  I look to supernatural.  It is only when there is no other explanation that I will look to other answers.   When I lived in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, I was plagued by a series of bizarre occurrences that I explained away with whatever natural explanations I could.  I still explain them away.  I honestly can't believe that house was haunted.

For example, one night I was watching television and the garage door just started opening and closing over and over again.  I couldn't get it to stop.  I mashed the button and yelled at it but it kept going.  I figured the damned thing was broken.  It finally stopped and worked fine after that, but mechanical malfunctions happen, right?   Another night all the electronic toys in the living room started going off at the same time.  Remote control cars buzzed around the room and toy Buzz Lightyear's screamed out about infinity and beyond.  A cow flashlight bellowed "moo"  over and over again.  I laughed.  It was funny.  I don't remember how I explained that one, but it made a lot of sense.  Similar things happened often in that house, but it was a new house and I didn't think it was haunted.  One night I did panic.  The garage door opened and I couldn't get it to close.  Every time I closed it, it just opened again.   It really freaked me out, but what are you going to do?  In the morning it was OK.   We moved,  I forgot about all these oddities and I had wonderful explanations for all of these types of events even if I can't remember them now.

However,  as I went through some old photo albums,  I found a series of wonderful photographs in that house with some lovely orbs.   Orbs in no way prove the presence of the supernatural, but I find their presence interesting and they make me wonder if maybe all my explanations weren't wrong?  Who knows?  They are lovely orbs.  I'm not going to put them all here because I was much better back then and I have them glued in scrapbooks I hate to destroy, but I placed one on the top of this page.  All the photos look similar. Some of the orbs almost have little faces in them. 


Jeffery said…
Look into Qi gong or Tzen Chi for an Oriental point of view,it's fascinating. Some people are like magnets for this kind of activity mate!..Cheers!
Lewis Powell IV said…
I had a similar thing happen with the garage door here and also the doorbell. Both incidents took place during storms and I chalked it up to water affecting the wiring, then again, I haven't had it happen again.

I see so many pics of orbs, but then again, I caught some on the ghost tour I went on in Charleston. Part of me wants desperately to believe they're an indication of spiritual activity, but part of me dismisses them. I'd like to see some investigators really look into orbs and try producing them under various conditions.
Daniel said…
I've come to believe that the dead are all around us, and that paranormal activity really isn't that uncommon, just very often written off and ignored or unnoticed. Orbs of all kinds show up so often in many pictures...and in some pictures, I have even found an actual face in the shadows. I've been creeped out enough that I don't normally take pictures of random rooms now, just to see what will show up. I feel too certain something will. And then just last night I awoke from a nightmare, and felt as though someone was caressing my ear...and then I remembered the picture I took of my side of the bed where it seemed like I saw the face of a woman. And it's not the first time I've felt touched there. Creepy. Oh well, what can you do?
Julie Ferguson said…
It sounds like you had a playful ghost in the house.
Jessica Penot said…
Jeffrey,,, I feel ignorant. I haven't heard of either of those things and I will have to look into them.

Lewis... I have the same problem with orbs. I want to believe they mean something but the rational part of me just can't believe it.

Daniel.. That does sound really creepy. I would love to see that photo, although I probably wouldn't be so enthused if it was a photo of my room.

Adsila.. It would be lovely if it was playful ghost.
Scared said…
I've had unruly garage door openers before (especially when it rained) and orbs in pictures could be anything, but when all the electronics go off at once, I think a paranormal explanation isn't much of a stretch.
Jessica Penot said…
Scared.... Our garage door opener opened our neighbor,'s garage for a while. I am sure that scared them. Garage doors are unruly, but you are right, every explanation for the electronics I came up with felt thin.

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