Ghostly, Paranormal, and Fun Books for the End of Summer

 I have been reading a good bit lately and I've been lucky to have come across some truly haunting stories.   Some of these books involve ghosts and hauntings, and one is just good fun, but they are all worth a read.  Sometimes the best ghost stories can be found in fiction and these books are definitely examples of that.  I love haunting and supernatural stories that take me to another place.  They never get old.  Whether I'm exploring regional folklore or reading a good novel,  they make my day a little better.  These are some of the books that have made my day a little better lately.

Her Fearful Symmetry:   This bestselling novel was written by Audry Niffenegger, the author of A Time Traveler's Wife.  It hasn't been as well reviewed as The Time Traveller's Wife and I've read that some folks have been disappointed by it, but I loved this book.  It is set outside of London's Highgate Cemetery and involves some strange theories about ghosts and their relationship to the mortal world.   How could I not love this book?  It tells the tale of two sets of twins and their unhealthy relationships with each other and the rest of the world.   One twin is a ghost for the duration of the book and her struggle to become part of the living world is the driving force of the novel.   This book is creepy and the end is disturbing.  I think it is a haunting addition to any ghost lovers library.
Shadow Fox: This is Ashley Barnard's debut novel and it is excellent. This book is not ghostly, but it is fun. This book is a dark, urban fantasy about a young man who is struggling with Heroine addiction in London. His life is a mess and everything seems to go wrong for him. He is self destructive and would seemed doomed until he finds a mysterious journal that sheds light on his shadowy antecedents. Suddenly, he finds himself in a world where his gifts will make him the hero. This is the first book in a series and it definitely hooks you a draws you into a mysterious world.
The Abandoned: This is Amanda Steven's lovely prequel to the Graveyard Queen series. This book has it all. It is the story of a young psychology intern working on her master's degree. She works at a shadowy mental hospital and picks up a ghost when one of her elderly patients dies. After she overhears a devious conversation, she is drawn into a mystery that involves old cemeteries, secret societies, and haunted places. She also finds herself drawn into a relationship with a sexy ghost hunter. This is definitely haunted fun and to make it better, it is free on kindle.


I've read "Her Fearful Symmetry". I did enjoy the book and I absolutely loved the focus on Highgate Cemetery, but the last third of the book seemed incredibly rushed. After such a great build-up, the story was suddenly tied up in a very weird way. Definitely creepy though... and disturbing!

I will have to check out your other recommendations.
Jessica Penot said…
Little Gothic Horrors: I think that is what most of the reviewers said. I think I was so wierded out by the ending I didn't even notice it was rushed. The ending was just disturbing.
Jeffery said…
Looks and sounds interesting! I"ll do some checking,I recently finished The Everlasting by Tim Lebbon. Nice and creepy, very English and subtle in style.

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