The Death's Dream Kingdom Free Book Winner!

A few weeks ago, when my book came out in print,  I had a little party. For this party, I said I would give away a free copy of my new book to one of my readers.  I had a few entries and it is time to announce the winner.   In order to select the winner,  I used an ancient selection technique that most of us have been using as long as we can remember.   I used the inny miny miney moe technique and selected Adsila as the winner of the free book!  Adsila is well known for her beautiful blog Above the Norm (   I will be popping by her blog to let her know she won today.

Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you to all of my readers and those who have helped me spread the word about my new novel.  You are all wonderful and deserve many more prizes than I can afford to give you. 


Congrats to the winner.

Looking forward to reading my copy when it arrives!!

Julie Ferguson said…
I am very excited about winning and can't wait to get started reading your book. Thanks!
Vanessa Morgan said…
Hi Jessica! I found you on the Horror Blogger Alliance. Your blog and books are right up my alley (I published 2 ghostly books myself). I bookmarked your blog and will be back very soon; I even suspect it'll become one of my favorites. Loved the post on the 'shadow people'.
~Vanessa Morgan
Jessica Penot said…
Frog Queen and Adsila... I hope you both like the books. I always get nervous when people read them!

Vanessa... Thanks. I'll go look at your blog too!

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