Are Snakes a Sign of a Haunting?

A reader sent me an interesting story a few days ago.  He is a writer and has been following the story of a house close to where he lives with great interest.  He wasn't entirely sure to make of events, but thought a haunting might be involved.  Apparently,  the house he has been following was the site of a double homicide a few years back.   A father shot his son and then himself.  Since that time the house has become infested with snakes.   New residents in the house have left the house, unable to live with the resident snakes.   The writer was wondering if I knew of any connection between ghosts, evil, and snakes.

Of course, Christianity has always linked snakes to evil and they are a sure sign Satan is near.  Ever since the serpent tempted Eve in the garden of Eden, snakes have been a symbol of evil in Christianity.  Infestations of many kinds are often indicative of supernatural activity and plagues of frogs and flies have been seen at haunted locations on prior occasions.  I am not entirely convinced snakes in and of themselves are a sign of the supernatural, however.

I found an interesting story in the newspaper this morning that was very similar to this writer's story.  A house was sold to a young family and they discovered it to be infested with garter snakes.  The family described the house as like "living in a horror movie" and like "Satan's lair."  They describe living in terror and having PTSD after living in the house.  They tried sueing the real estate agency that sold them the house since it was apparently well known that the house had a snake problem but it was not disclosed to them.  The prior owners didn't mind as much.  The law suit failed, but the cause of the snake infestation was well documtented by biologists.  Although the residents thought the house was evil, in truth it was built on the site of a hibernaculum.  This is a place where snakes gather in large numbers to hibernate during the winter.  In the spring and summer, the snakes travel and hunt, in the winter they gather in the same place for heat and spring breeding.  The house was built on a know hibernaculum and the snakes weren't going to change their lives for a few people.

So, could the snake infestation of the house with the double homicide be haunted?  I believe it is possible, but in the absence of other, more definitive evidence of a haunting,  it seems more probable that biology and not ghosts are haunting this house to me, although I love it when people disagree with me.


I also read about the couple with the garter snake infestion. I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for your view..
Tim Kent said…
I saw that story about the garter snakes. I remember thinking, that would be just my luck to buy a house like that.
Eva said…
Never heard about that with snakes. But my mom has told me about a house she lived in where one woman took her life and then later two others tried to kill them self, in the same house. So maybe it was haunted. I have lived in a haunted house myself :-(
laughingwolf said…
garter snakes? lovely creatures... used to carry baby ones in my pockets as a kid :)

as for snakes being evil? only in the minds of the superstitious!
i find this one intriguing, especially as I grew up across from and spent most of my time in a cemetery. i also played with garter snakes. Even boas in high school. Not long ago, I was nearva waterfall in woods and a baby neon green snake approached though wanting to be with me.

Also, congrats on the new books! i'll be passing along the award soon! ;)
Anonymous said…
I have a friend who has snake aperations, coming out of all holes in his body. They won't let him sleep and are around his legs causing pain all the time.

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