The Easter Horror Movie

Last year when I was a baby blogger,  I asked a question on Easter.  I asked where all the Easter horror movies were.  Every other holiday has its own special horror movie.  Christmas has Silent Night Deadly Night and it has a dozen movies like Gremlins that are set around Christmas.  Halloween has dozens of horror movies and that would be just beginning with the Halloween series.   Valentine's Day has My Bloody Valentine and Thanksgiving has Thankskilling so why is Easter so sadly neglected?

Of course one of my readers set me straight.  He commented saying Critters was an Easter horror movie.  I did my research and got the Critters box set and Critters 1 is certainly not an Easter horror movie, but Critters 2 is as much of an Easter horror movie as any movie can be.  The horrible little monsters from the first movie left lots of eggs behind which some idiot finds and sells to a local grandma who uses them as fancy Easter eggs in the church Easter egg hunt.  The Easter eggs hatch and devour a man in an Easter bunny suit.  So there it is, there is an Easter horror movie.  Happy Easter and watch out for strange eggs!


AllHallowSteve said…
Just found your blog!

Thanks for the tip on Critters 2. I, too, was just thinking of Easter horror movies and the lack thereof.


Never seen Critters, but kinda funny that those eggs were sold to unsuspecting grandma. Poor guy in bunny suit, though. LOL!

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