Guest Blogger Lisa Shoreland Discusses Biltmore Estate's Haunted History

I am excited to welcome guest blogger, Lisa Shoreland, to my blog.  I love writers and am always happy to have new writers on my blog, but I like this guest post more than usual because I believe Lisa has to be psychic.  She has written an amazing post about Biltmore mansion in North Carolina and I am packing to leave for North Carolina tomorrow!   I'm hoping to bring back some wonderful pictures to add to this post.

The Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate is a picture of beauty and opulence: Its 175,000 square feet and 250 rooms feature some of the finest art and architecture, and it rests against the gorgeous backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, N.C. It was built in 1895 by George Vanderbilt as his family’s primary residence. Many decades after its original inhabitants died, they still seem to call it home.

George Vanderbilt built the estate after becoming enamored with the local scenery and climate. Although he set out to build a summer home, he devoted much of his time and resources to the estate, building it to be self-sufficient, with its own livestock and dairy farms, a church, and a forestry school. He and his wife, Edith, welcomed a daughter, Cordelia, during their time at the estate.

Haunted Past

In 1914, George died of complications from an appendectomy. Devastated from her husband’s death, Edith took to sitting by the marble fireplace in the library each night and holding conversations with her dear departed. The servants thought the woman was going crazy.

Years later, staff at the Biltmore Estate say that they can still hear the whispered voice of Edith talking to her husband late at night. Some report seeing the two of them together, sitting and laughing by the fireplace.

Others report seeing George himself in the second floor oak sitting room or the Billiard room. He is usually seen sitting or smoking his pipe, but others say they just feel his presence.

Other Happenings

Sightings and strange happenings aren’t limited to the house or to George and Edith. Reports of haunted behavior at the Biltmore Estate have been widely varied over the years.

Some employees report hearing strange noises, such as disembodied footsteps, laughter, or screaming. Others say they have felt like they were being watched. Visitors to the Pool Room have also reported strange noises, such as splashing and swimming when no one is present. There have also been tales of a lady wearing black floating just below the water’s surface.

Finally, visitors have often reported seeing the apparition of a headless orange cat running through the estate, especially between the Gardens and the Bass Pond.

Want to see if you can catch any of these strange sightings? There are haunted tours of Biltmore Village and downtown Asheville. Or you can pay to visit the Biltmore Estate during the day and see if you get lucky!

Lisa Shoreland works for  .  You can learn more about her at this link.


Wow, that was a great post. I have always wanted to visit there. Now I really want to :)

Wonderful post! That was one place I didn't get to visit when we lived in NC. Perhaps on trip back this year!

Thanks, Jessica; for the guest post, as well!
Did any one see the ghost hunters?
Anonymous said…
My husband and I visited the Biltmore mansion yesterday. I am very sensitive to energies, however was not expecting to encounter any on this trip and hadn't read the posts on the internet about visitors' encounters with apparitions and other things.

When we were upstairs in the hallway area that is outside of George Vanderbilt's bedroom, I immediately felt a strong energy there, different than any other area in the house. As we entered George's bedroom, the feeling got stronger. I felt it was George Vanderbilt and he was NOT happy with the visitors coming into his room!! The longer I stayed in this room the more uncomfortable I felt, tuning into his energy.

This doesn't feel like "residual energy", but rather of an existing presence in the paranormal realm.

As we continued with our tour I found it interesting to learn that, according to the audio tour we were listening to, it wasn't George's idea to have his house toured. This didn't surprise me!

My feeling is that he is not at all happy with his bedroom being seen and still lays claim very strongly to that space, and the area near the entry point to his room is part of the hall area I mentioned before as having the energy present, which feels to me to be an extension of his energy sort of 'guarding" his room, or wishing to!!!

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