How Valentine's Day Began with Dead Goats and Naked Ladies

A friend of mine sent me a wonderful article on the origins of Valentine's Day on NPR.   This article filled me with so much wicked happiness I had to blog about it.  I know it is slightly off topic, but naked people being flogged with animal hides is worth discussing in any forum.  Apparently the ancient roots of Valentine's Day begins with the Romans.   The Romans celebrated Lupercalia from Feb. 13 to 15. In Roman mythology Lupercus was the equivalent of the Greek god Pan who was known to be a sexy sort of fellow who promoted fertility.  His holiday was a somewhat romantic kind of celebration.  During Lupercalia the men would sacrifice a goat and a dog and then whip women with the hides of the dead animals.  The women would line up naked in order to be whipped.  They did this because they believed this ritual would make them more fertile.   Afterwards, there would be lottery in which men and women would be paired up for a night of naked fun. 

I know, you are now wishing we still celebrated Valentine's day this way.  Enough with the cheesy cards.  Where are the dead animals, whippings, and naked people?  It was the Catholic Church that ruined the fun.   Emperor Claudius II killed two Valentine's in different years of February 14th.  Both men were martyred and the day derives its name from these two martyred saints.   In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I got confused and merged the two martyrs into one person and named February 14th after them.  He also absorbed the romantic traditions of Lupercalia into the day in order to soften the pagan debauchery and retake the day for Christianity.  Christianity has a long history of doing this type of thing.  Christmas was taken from Roman Saturnalia traditions and Norse Yule traditions.  By absorbing pagan holidays rather than forbidding them, ancient Christians were able to gain new followers rather than lose them. 

Chaucer and Shakespeare can be credited with further romanticizing St. Valentine's day and turning it into the romantic, kissy holiday it is today, but  I will always think back to better days when women ran naked through the streets being beaten with dead animals.


dianne said…
A very enlightening story Jessica dear.
I wouldn't mind the part about running naked through the streets but I would prefer to be showered with rose petals whilst being chased by a suitor. :)
I don't like blood sports!

xoxoxo ♥
Jessica Penot said…
Dianne,,,, You are probably right. More people would prefer the rose petals. I guess that may be one of the many reasons we no longer beat each other with dead things on Valentines.
Jeffery said…
Oh! It's an older tradition than the Roman version. Celebration of the third full moon from the Winter Solstice It is the Gateway to Spring. Various rituals in Greek, Minoan and Eygptian Culture were absorbed by the Romans before paganism gave way. Generally speaking Children of age were welcomed to Adulthood at clan and tribal gatherings before being paired off.
Jessica Penot said…
Thanks Bear! I love to hear the older roots of Holidays and be reminded that even ancient traditions have even older roots.

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