The Green Orb

Someone told me an interesting story this week.   She had read my post about colored orbs and was very interested in the meaning behind the colors of orbs.  She said she had an experience with a green orb several years ago.  She was laying in her bed reading at night.  Her husband was asleep beside her.  She said a green orb came into the room through a door.  It hovered in her room for a few moments and then vanished as it had come.  Naturally, she was quite scared and she woke her husband to discuss the orb.   This reader had encountered unexplained things before and was able to forget about the orb fairly quickly and move on.  

However,  when she read my post about colored orbs, it brought up many questions about her experience.  The first question has to do with the nature of this orb.  Although orbs are always being debated about in the paranormal community,  they are also always in photographs.   The big debate surrounding orbs questions whether or not orbs are true indications of the paranormal or are due primarily to errors in digital photography.   This debate could in no way explain my friend's orb experience as there was no photography involved.  I should also state that this person who saw the orb is one of them most stable and reality grounded people I know.  She does not hunt for ghosts or look for the odd.  She is a person who believes in the tangible and is not prone to flights of fancy or mental illness so I believe that she saw what she saw and it wasn't due to any kind of cognitive defects or attribution bias.

A brief internet search on orbs outside of photography did nothing to help either of us explain her orb.  The only orbs seen with the naked eye were thought to be alien related rather than ghost related.    This left both of us with even more questions.  People who have claimed to see orbs in person have claimed they had alien encounters.  Although I love ghost stories,  I stay away from alien stories and am not sure how I feel about aliens.   My friend has no opinion on what the orb was but the encounter she described to me seemed more ghostly than otherworldly and I have no answers to give her.  I have really never heard of anything like this.  So I am left with more questions than answers and my friend is left to wonder what it was that drifted into her bedroom at night.  Maybe one of my brilliant readers can help shed some light on this matter?


Pam Morris said…
geez, I have no idea but it's a fascinating story.
wow, i can't help either, but i agree, fascinating event.

when i was a young child we lived in a house where we would see an orb just float around. i have vague memories, since i was quite young, but i do remember staring at this round ball of light being entertained by it. other members of my family saw it, as well as visitors to my home. my father never found the source of the light. now this house had many, many supernatural events. so we believe it was definitely supernatural.
Jessica Penot said…
Marbella, I'm glad to hear another story like this. I'm going to have to investigate this further. What color was your orb?
Courtney Mroch said…
Very interesting. I must've missed your post on colored orbs. This is new to me. Or maybe I hear them referred to differently, because I have heard of people seeing colored balls of light...but as you pointed out in the end of your post it more had to do with an alien assumption. Hopefully I'll catch the post you write if you ever do draw any answers. I'd like to know now too!
Our orb was white and about the size of a baseball. It was as if someone inside the house had a flashlight and shone it all around the walls, ceiling, and floors. The ball of light would just danced around.
Night-Gaunt said…
Sorry no orbs just occasional visitations by invisible animals that suck my blood at night. They are from some other near by dimension which is why they are almost never found. I did notice at least one stayed in my room and only became active when I went to sleep. Not very large but they two small puncture marks over veins.

I touched one once while asleep. I awakened with it in my right hand. Smooth skin maybe only 4 appendages. They make no vocalizations but one did make a loud scraping sound on on the back of my head board. I resisted the urger to reach back there. I don't want to make them mad after all.

Found a near perfect triangle of bites on my right leg just above my calf inside. Not the first time they have done something intelligent to me. I believe they also have a kind of whip stinger that chemically burns but isn't harmful.

Am interested in others who have noticed these nocturnal visitors to our dimension.

John S. said…
I once awoke to a green orb like object with flailing tentacle like appendages, I screamed at it and it flew across my room towards my window and vanished. This happened in daylight. I saw that you mentioned green orbs may have something to do with aliens. Well I've had a few of those experiences also... No one but my sister believes me though.
Anonymous said…
Just this weekend we went to a cabin in the woods and I was taking pics of my bestie and her bf, when I look back on the pic the was this big green orb that covered her, in about 6 pics u see these orbs and they are never in the same place.....we thought it was kinda weird...

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