The Ghost of Founders Hall

Founders Hall is the tallest building in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Its lean form towers over the city in classic elegance.  It is home to the Bank of America Corporate Center.  It is also home to a small mall and various shops.  It is the city center.   The floors are marble and frescoes decorated the walls.  The atrium is vaulted and the last thing you would normally associate with a building like this is ghosts.

Founders Hall wasn't always what it is today.   Once, a medical school stood where the tall, modern building now stands.   Sometime in the late 1800's the body of a young girl was stolen from a grave near Salisbury, North Carolina.   The grave robbers took her body when it was still fresh.  This was a common practice in the late 1800s as medical schools paid top dollar for cadavers for dissection and study.  The famous serial killer, H.H. Holmes , used to sell the bodies of his victims to medical schools.  

After the girl's body was stolen and sold to the medical school, people began seeing the ghost of a young girl wandering around the medical school.   She wasn't a happy ghost and would often be seen screaming. 
According to legend, the girl told her woeful story to some people.   The people were so disturbed by the girl's ghost and her story that they went to the police.  The police actually acted on this information and recovered what was left of her body and returned it to her grave.  However,  her ghost still roams the halls of Founder's Hall bemoaning what was done to her body.  Witnesses to this haunting say that doors open and close on their own and loud noises can be heard throughout the building.


Julie Ferguson said…
The poor girl's spirit wanted to rest in peace but the grave robbers wouldn't let it. What a sad story of her wandering the halls for eternity in pain.
Missy said…
This sounds eerily similar to Stephen King's novel, "Kingdom Hospital".

Grave robbing was HUGE business in the 17 and 1800's.
Anonymous said…
so terrible!
Angie said…
Hey! Just found your blog...while visiting another blog. You have officially been bookmarked! :D We love reading "true" ghost stories. Look forward to your next post!

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