Book Review: The Dead Path

It took me quite a while to make it through this unusual book.  I've grown accustomed to reading books that are high on action and low on art.   Sometimes I find myself wondering if the art behind the written word is lost in horror and fantasy.  This book definitely rediscovers the art of words.  It slowly pulls you into a world of darkness and dread, a world where the dead talk and something infinitely evil lurks in the woods, killing you children and feeding on fear.

After Nicholas Close's wife dies tragically, his entire world begins to unravel.   His friends blame him for his wife's death and he blames himself.   To make matters worse, he can see the dead everywhere.   To escape his tragedy, he flees London and returns to he small town where he grew up.   He returns to his mother's home.  His mother believes Nicholas is cursed and fears his return.  Death has followed him his entire life and she is more afraid of him than ever.   After Nicholas's return, strange events remind him of the mysterious deaths of his childhood that were marked by dead birds with sticks where their heads should be.  The story steadily unwinds from here, bringing the dead of the woods and death closer and closer with each breath.

The Dead Path is Stephen M. Irwin's debut novel and isn't a light read, but it is a beautiful read and for lovers of things dealing with ghosts and darkness it is definitely worth the time.


Anonymous said…
This sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the review!

The Digital Looking Glass
Thanks for the review! Sounds like quite an interesting read!
Julie Ferguson said…
Sounds like a fascinating story... nice review.
Courtney Mroch said…
I have this book sitting on my shelf. I've heard good things about it but haven't had time to read it yet. Like your review. I;m even more curious to read it now.
Gina said…
Wow..sounds like this one made an impression...not to mention your own opening there is certainly chill inducing. ~shudders~ may have to investigate this one a bit more. Thanks for the share!

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