Reviewing Paranormal Activity 2

There were moments during Paranormal Activity in which I was sitting on the edge of my seat.  I didn't know what was going to happen and there was a realness to the characters that made the events scary.  The movie was well paced and slowly built up to its inevitable climax with enough action and interest to make it a good movie.  I liked Paranormal Activity.  It did something new and it did it well.

Paranormal Activity 2 I did not like.  They tried to up the stakes and make it more compelling by putting a baby in the mix.  It was the baby's soul on the line and that should have made it more terrifying, but the build up was too slow.  The characters were realistic, but they were too realistic.  For fifty percent of this movie, I felt like I was being forced to watch someone else's bad home movies.  I can hardly stand watching my own family's home movies why would I watch someone else's?  The action was so slow I checked my ipone scrabble games while I waited for something, anything to happen.  They showed the same security camera shots of the pool, the front steps, the living room over and over again and you kept expecting something to happen, but nothing did and by the time something did happen I was so numb I didn't care.  What?  The demon finally dragged the mom off?  Well thank God for that.  I was getting sleepy.

So my final take on this sequel is that I really wasted seven dollars on Friday night.   I know some people loved this film, but it really lost me. The scariest part of this movie was the preview for Burlesque.  I'll be having nightmares about that for weeks.


Admin said…
Paranormal Activity has always been way over-rated!
Joanne Kennedy said…
I saw this yesterday too. I hated it. In fact not only me but the 3 friends I had with me hated it too. So much so that we went and complained and got our money back. OK not actually our money back but a free pass to go see another movie for free.

I do that whenever I hate a move, which isn't that often. But, I learned that the only way the studios will learn how upsetting it is for customers to spend that much money and blow 2 hours of your life on a stupid movie, is to demand your money back.
Jessica Penot said…
Joanne,,, I should have done that too. If scrabble is more interesting than the movie you really deserve your money back. I'll know better next time.
Courtney Mroch said…
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (That's in response to your last line.)

I have no interest in seeing Paranormal Activity 2 and your review just confirmed that. The 1st one I probably would've liked a whole lot better if I'd seen it pre-hype. My husband freaked out, but I laughed through a lot of it. I will give it credit for doing a lot of things differently though. And like I said, I probably would've been a huge fan if I hadn't heard as much about it before I finally saw it. But this was clearly just an attempt to cash in on the tide so I had a feeling it wouldn't be too good. THANKS for helping me save my money!

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