Pre-Halloween Breakdown

I usually try to stay fairly on topic with this blog.  I try to veer away from personal stories and go with the ghosts and ghouls, but tonight I'm far to tired to think clearly.  I have had a long day.  I am having my annual Halloween party tomorrow.  I have invited more people than I invited to my wedding.  I'm not sure why I did this.  I guess I just really like Halloween.  I must have forgotten how much I hate work and entertaining, which always seem to go hand and hand. Sometime today,  in between hanging up the electrical for the giant spider that leaps out at the children and taking my son on his field trip to the scarecrow trail,  DHL informed me that my costume would arrive sometime tomorrow between 8a-8p.  This precipitated a massive breakdown.

Plastic spiders flew through the air.   Grinning, bloodied skulls were hurled at a witch that predicted their early death as she collapsed on top of her own coffin.  I begged and pleaded with DHL.   Please, can't you just bring the package early?  Please, please, please?  No. No. No.  Halloween party starts at five and Halloween costumes arrive at 8pm.  That would be an obvious problem.   So I called the sitter and my husband and I went out to leaf through the sexy witch and giant boob costumes to find something.  We found nothing.   By the time I made it home, I was tired and irate.  I sent an email filled with so much frustration and anger that I think I caught the ocean between myself and them on fire. 

Of course, as soon as I had given up and climbed into my bed clutching my head, the costumes came.  DHL had pulled strings for me.  Somehow they had heard my desperation.  They heard and had sent a special truck just for me.   Shortly after, called to apologize for their late delivery and offered me special coupons to make amends, so it all worked out and I can go to be tonight and not worry about my party, because everything is going to be OK.  I will not be forced to be a sexy cab driver for Halloween and the bounce tent will be set up on time.  The haunted house will be scary and there will be enough beer and food.  I know all this, because if today could end on a good note, any day can.  


I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything gies fine with your shindig, I'm sure it will be great! Have a marvelous Halloween!
PaleMother said…
Whew! What a day! Amazed and happy for you that it all worked out. I hope you have a wonderful party.
Pam Morris said…
I know how stressed out you were but I gotta say I was almost crying with laughter reading this! I suppose it's because I feel much the same way you do right what else could POSSIBLY go wrong? (plus, I was trying to picture you as a 'sexy cab driver'...) anyway, glad things are working out and good luck and good fun with your party!
Jessica Penot said…
Pam, I laughed after the fact too! Everything is always funny after it happens
Pangs said…
I'm sure it'll be a blast.

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