My Little Haunted House

Every year a friend of mine and I get together and throw a Halloween Party together.  Actually,  last year was more of a practice run.  This our we are expanding our work and inviting more people and turning it into an event.  Part of planning this event has been turning a portion of my home into a haunted house.  This week we've got the wall up and most of the props up.   I still have a few more props to add, the bridge to paint, and the wiring to finish, but we are making progress.

I have some of the pictures of our work below.  We aren't done, but we are on our way.  The target age for this haunted house is 5-10 so there won't be any decomposing bodies or actors with chainsaws, but we're hoping the kids will have a good time while the grownups drink and act foolish.   Despite the target age, after looking at the pictures I do know I'm going to have to something about the Spongebob lamp.  Spongebob just isn't scary.  Now if it were Elmo.....


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