The Ghostly Book Store

I have so much to write about today I don't even know where to begin.  All the information is crowding my brain.  Last night we had a wonderful Halloween party and I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over, which is the way you should feel after a good party.  I probably said several things I'll live to regret, but that is also a sign of a good party.  After a shower and the removal of the remains of my Mrs. Lovett costume I pulled myself together for my two book signings.  

The first book signing was at Coldwater Books in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  Tuscumbia is most well known for being Helen Keller's home town.    Coldwater books is in the center of downtown Tuscumbia.  This area has the kind of small town charm that is rarely seen anymore and Coldwater Books is part of this charm.  It is a beautifully maintained bookstore that makes me wish B&N would be destroyed and small, local bookstores like this one with a taste of the region would be allowed to grow again in their place.   I wish I had done my book signing before I wrote the book because people came in and as I signed their books they told me the most magnificent ghost stories.  Some I will blog about later because the deserve their own post, but some were short and sweet.   One woman told me of her first house, where every night a phantom would walk through the doorway and vanish.  Another woman told me of a haunted house that was so filled with ghostly activity it became the background noise of her life.

Amidst these stories, the owner of the little bookstore sat down next to me and told me the story of Coldwater Books.  Apparently, the location used to be used to make caskets in the 1800s and has been described as haunted by many.  The owner has never witnessed any paranormal activity, but a ghost hunting team came in once and stayed over night to study the store.   She said that they found the most ghostly activity in the back corner of the store.  She wasn't sure she believed in any of it, but she enjoyed being part of the adventure.  I did too and this was a very fun outing for me.  I also signed books at the very haunted and historical Sweetwater Mansion tonight.  But that is a story for another day.......


Lewis Powell IV said…
Did you check out the back corner of the store?
How cool is that! Looking forward to hearing more. :)

Jessica Penot said…
Lewis,, I did check out the back corner. It was very quiet and still. It felt almost a little too quiet for such a busy store.
DaleTheDoll said…
Tonight, if you hear something scratching around your window, something making the dogs in the area bark, hear a little faint giggle, it's just me coming for a visit on All Hallow's Eve.

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