The Ghost of Jeremiah Clemens

I will always believe that the best ghost stories come from parties and gatherings and other types of friendly get togethers.  People love to sit and chat and share a tale or two.  The people who tell stories at parties rarely believe in the ghosts fully, but love the stories themselves and the history they are steeped in.  One of my friends shared a story with me the other night.   We were eating dinner at his house and he said that the building he worked at was on the local ghost tour.  He hadn't been aware his building was haunted until he participated in the ghost walk and was surprised and intrigued by the information he learned.

According to the ghost tour,  his law office building on Pratt Avenue is haunted by the ghost of Jeremiah Clemens.   Jeremiah was a Senator and a novelist.  Politically, he was most know as a Unionist who did not support the civil war and was against secession from the Union.   Nationally Clemens was most known as a novelist and author of the books Bernard Lile (1856) and Mustang Grey (1858).   Clemens resided in the house on Pratt Avenue during his life in Huntsville, Alabama.

Apparently,  a psychic has been through this haunted law firm and she concluded that Mr. Clemens was a bit of a Lady's man.  He liked looking at the pretty ladies.  She said that he spent  most of his haunting time enjoying the pretty women at the firm and would probably have little to do with the men.  This didn't surprise my friend, because he said he's never felt anything resembling a haunting at his office.  However,  many of the female employees have reported feeling a presence in the building.  They describe feeling as if they are being watched.   I suppose there are worse things for a ghost to do, but I still don't think I'd want the man above ogling me while I worked.   The women at that office are stronger than me,  I think I might change jobs.


Julie Ferguson said…
I have heard some of the best ghost/haunted stories from friends and others just by having a friendly conversation. Once they find out that you stay at haunted hotels and visit cemeteries at night, they usually have a story. This was another good one.
telos said…
I don't think I would like being ogled by him either.
Pam Morris said…
ha! yeah, I don't think I'd choose him to be my favorite ghost, either! looks like a rather dour and serious kind of guy; actually, looks downright spooky. another good story, tho'.

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