EVP Pajama Party

It has been a long week here in the house that inspired my interest in ghosts. The Northern Lights were visible over the lake when I came and as I leave the matriarch of this Victorian mansion I am staying in lays dying a thousand miles away. We are leaving on Friday the 13th.

Over the last week the house has become more active. My sister and I have sat up over many late nights doing EVP sessions in the dark in our pj's. I love ghost hunting in pj's. Maybe I like everything more in pj's.
The first night was terribly uneventful. Quiet and nothing. The second night I picked up a soliary hello whispered in the red parlor. I am getting my pjs on for the final pj evp party.

Yesterday, there were many odd experiences in the house. I placed a hat over one of the old bedroom water spigets as a trigger object. The hat moved to the bed. I moved it back and my sister found it in the hall. While
curled up in my favorite reading chair, I heard another faint whispered hello. The house is definately stirring. I hope we get more on the EVP tonight.

Tomorrow, we go to see my grandmother before she passes. I know she'll come back here after and her family will be waiting.

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Julie Ferguson said…
Great experiences especially the hat moving all over the place.
Courtney Mroch said…
I'm so sorry about your grandma. I love that she wrote about your family's haunted house. I hope when her time does come she does get to go back there for all eternity with the rest of your ancestors!

Also, I'm stopping by with some news: I'm passing on an award to you!

Jessica Penot said…
Thanks Courtney, My grandma passed the hour we left the house. It was as if she was waiting for us to leave. She passed quietly. My mother was with her.

Thanks for the award too!

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