Book Release Party Give Aways: Smoking Monkeys, Cash, Jewelry, and Books! Enter and Win!

My book is now  available on!  Click on the icon next to this post to check it out.  In order to celebrate my big day,  I am doing a massive give away.  I will be doing different things all week.  My first give-away will be big.   I am giving away $75 cash.   Just to make it fun,  I am going to turn this into a treasure hunt.  I will give a way four items today.   One collection of Lovecraft short stories,  one smoking monkey,  and two necklaces shown below.  In order to enter to win the money and the items you must do the following:

1.  Tweet or make a post on Facebook about this giveaway with a link back here to help me spread the word about the giveaway.

2.  Comment below saying you have tweeted or facebooked about the giveaway and you want to enter the contest.  (If you don't tweet or facebook, just let me know how you spread the word)

3.  In your comment, say which item you would like.

4.  One item will be stuffed with money and three will not.  I will draw 4 winners from the commenters below.  Although all winners will get their desired object,  only one will get the money!  If you get the money,  you are the grand prize winner.  I will have someone else stuff the object with the money so even I won't know who the winner is until you comment back and let me know. 

Good luck!  Here are the Prizes!


IQXS said…
KUDOS on the book release! We rejoice with you and not only will be tweeting the contest but promoting your book over the next months! Excellent job! Continued success to you in all your endeavors! Which award?? ...well goodness no doubt Mz X would definitely love the Zodiac bling! Thank you Jessica!
Joanne Kennedy said…
Congrats on your book release! I would love to one day get to make it to Alabama to check out all the locations in your book! If you ever come to CA let me know and I would love to show you our hot spots :)

What a cool giveaway. I will spread the word on FB! If I was lucky enough to win I would be thrilled to get the book!

Thanks for the chance to win :)
Andrea Allison said…
Congrats on your book release! I bet your over the moon excited. Will have to add it to my reading list.

I tweeted about the contest or rather retweeted. I know certain people in my household would get a kick out of the smoking monkey but I have to say I like the zodiac necklace too.

Keep up the good work!
Julie Ferguson said…
Congrats on the release of your book! I tweeted and posted the big give-away on twitter and facebook. Love all the prizes, and have my fingers crossed to win something!
Unknown said…
AWESOME! I will be buying your new book asap!

I tweeted and I would LOVE to win the book!

Can't wait to read your new book darlin!

Mommy D
~J said…
I am so excited for your book, it is already on my wish list on Amazon. :) I posted to my facebook and if I am eligible I would like to win the zodiac looking piece of jewelry. Good Luck with the promotions! I am sure the book will be awesome
Nobody said…
Awesome!! Very excited for you!! I posted this on Facebook, Twitter, Buzz and Google reader. Wishing you much success!!!!
Courtney Mroch said…
HOW FUN! And CONGRATS!!!!! I Tweeted your release, but not this link. However, I'm doing something else for you on my blog, which I will post shortly. (And then I'll Tweet and FB that post too.)

But I don't want to be entered in the contest. I just want to try and help you spread the word. And to stop by and say CONGRATS once again!!!!!!
Pam Morris said…
I would love to enter but don't tweet or do facebook. Still gonna' buy your book tho'!!!!
Anonymous said…
I posted it on my facebook. I would like the book if I am so lucky as to win. Well, actually, I kind of dig the hand most of all, but it's not in the offering ;-)
Megan said…
Congratulations! I can't wait to get my copy. I posted a link to your contest on Facebook. I'd love to win the Lovecraft stories!
Tweeted your release and will tweet this as well! Glad to see you have a smoking monkey!! ;)
Hmmm... Can't seem to get it on Facebook. Facebook and networked blogs *dislike* me. Everyone subscribes, rather than follows.

Regardless, consider me entered, please? And thank you! And if I do win? I am happy with whatever I win!
Jessica Penot said…
Of cours Brenda! You are entered :)

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