Chasing the Ghosts of Local Legend

My family and I went looking for the final picture for my Haunted North Alabama book today.  We went in search of the infamous Cry Baby Hollow.  The legend of Cry Baby Hollow is one of the best known ghost stories in Alabama. Many people know the story.  They know that somewhere on a lonely road off of Hwy 31 a baby died.  However,  every time I've heard or read the story it has been different.  Even the location changes with the telling.  One local guided us to the Cry Baby Hollow pictured above.   It was on a crowded stretch of road, but the evidence of death around it added to its haunting appearance.   It is clear there have been many car accidents in the area and that makes it seem more haunted.  Crude wooden crosses with names and dates on them marked the places where people had died.

The second location we went to looking for the legend of Cry Baby Hollow was deep in the woods off a rural road.  It was isolated and alone and the murky water that stagnated beneath the bridge could drive someone crazy imagining what haunted creatures lurk beneath its depths.   After considering all the evidence,  we decided the second location was the more probably location for the Cry Baby Hollow legend.  In my book,  I discuss many of the stories of  Cry Baby Hollow, but there are a few I just learned on this trip.

One legend says that a local coven got hold of a baby.   They sacrificed in the woods and cast its body into the waters under the bridge.  Ever since then the baby's ghost has haunted the bridge.  If you stop on the bridge,  the ghost will push and shake your car.    Another legend says that if you leave candy on the bridge,  the ghost will come and take the candy from the wrapper.


Julie Ferguson said…
Another cool story...did you find your candy missing?

The first pic has so much energy it literally makes me dizzy.

Above the Norm... I ate the candy! :-) hahaha!
Jessica Penot said…
Brenda,I'm glad it was you that took the candy for a minute there I thought it might have been a ghost.

Seriously.... no one took the candy, but we went during the day forthe photos and most of the paranormal activity happens at night.
Anonymous said…
the first photo makes me a little nervous!

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