Guest Blogger Louise Baker's Favorite Ghost Stories!

As a writer myself,  I know that managing a writing career is challenging and I am always amazed by those that can accomplish this task.  That is why I'm always happy to welcome writers here.  Tonight's guest blogger is Louise Baker.  Louise loves ghost stories and wanted to share a few of her favorites tonight.  When not trying to scare herself silly, Louise Baker writes about getting an online education. She most recently reviewed the best online schools at   Louise has also had articles picked up by sites like MSN, Publisher's Weekly, and the Consumerist.  Welcome Louise!

Ghost stories capture our minds and imaginations. We share them around campfires and on dark nights to give our friends - and maybe even ourselves - some thrills and chills. There are a number of ghost stories that circulate, though and here are five great ones to remember the next time you need to share a spooky tale.

Bloody Mary
The tale of Bloody Mary is one that has stood the test of time and the test of many a slumber party. The story of Bloody Mary starts with Mary, a witch who lured young girls to their deaths. She used their blood to keep herself young and beautiful and when the villagers discovered what she was doing their burned her at the stake. As Mary burned she spoke a curse that would cause her evil spirit to continue causing harm. Her curse stated that if anyone spoke her name - Bloody Mary - three times in front of a darkened mirror, her spirit would appear to seek revenge. She would tear to pieces the one who summoned her, stealing their soul and trapping it within the mirror to burn forever as she burned.

The Hook
The tale of an escaped asylum resident who had a hook instead of an arm has been retold countless times over. The story holds that a young couple park in a secluded area to make out when the girl is spooked by the radio warning of the deranged hook man. Something shakes the car and she begs her boyfriend to take her home. In disgust he starts the car and they leave. Upon arriving at her home, she exits the car only to discover that a blood hook hangs from the passenger side door handle.

The story of the Windigo is an Ojibwa story from long ago. The Windigo is a creatures that will eat the flesh of any man, woman or child it finds. In some instances, the Windigo will instead possess the body of a person, causing them to become a cannibalistic Windigo themselves. Most Windigo stories occur in the dead of winter, when people are searching for food and in danger of starving. The Windigo is usually described as large and white, with black eyes. The Windigo makes a strange hissing sound that mixes with the howl of winter winds.

Ghost Hand Prints
The story of the ghost hand prints centers around a set of railroad tracks on which a busload of school children had died years earlier. A young couple are driving over the tracks when their car stalls. They are horrified to see that a train is bearing down upon them and they can't get the car started. Without warning, their car rolls off of the tracks to safety, just before the train passes. Shaken, the man gets out of the car and discovers dozens of child-sized hand prints on the rear bumper.

Ghost Soldier
The story of a ghost soldier has seen action in every conflict or war over the past several years. The story is that a young soldier is on tour during a time of war. One night his mother awakens to find him standing next to her bed. He tells her he loves her and is alright. She realizes that in fact, this is her son's spirit come to say goodbye. The next day she receives word that he was killed in action but she carries his last message in her heart as she grieves for his death


I remember a few of those old stories from my youth; especially Bloody Mary!

Thanks for sharing, Louise!
Admin said…
Blood Mary used to scared the hell out of me when I was a youngster!
Julie Ferguson said…
I did a post on my daughter's friend April's experience with Bloody Mary. They had some weird stuff happen after chanting her name.
telos said…
I was always afraid to stand in front of mirror and call Bloody Mary's name when I was a kid. Where can I find this pos on your daughter's friend's experience. I'd love to read it!
Jessica Penot said…
The blood mary story is one of the best. Thanks Louise!
Pam Morris said…
I have heard of most of these (and didn't we girls all play "bloody mary" at slumber parties? maybe I'm dating myself but we did!) I hadn't heard of the 'ghost hand prints'--that's a very touching one

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