Looking for Ghosts in Orlando

Tomorrow,  I am leaving for Orlando.  It is not my dream vacation.  I like travelling to places with history.  I like old, interesting cities with a story to tell.  Orlando seems too bathed in sun and tourism to have any interesting stories.  However,  everyplace has history and ghost stories.  A trip is what you make of it.   I plan on making the most of this trip.  I am packing my bags and making sure my sons have all there under where.  I've packed my GPS and put out food for the pets.  Everything is in order.  There is only one last thing to do.  Plan each of my haunted excursions.   This is my list of haunted places I will visit while in sunny Orlando.  Of course this list may change.  But here are the haunted places I plan on visiting in Orlando.  They have been taken from the Shadowland's haunted place index.

Pirates of the Caribbean:   This ride is haunted by the ghost of George.  George was a welder who died while building the ride. 

Boston Hill Cemetery:   A man can be seen swinging from one of the trees here.  There is a woman kneeling at his feet and weeping.

Rouse Road Cemetery:  The shadowy figure of a man who died in the 1840's can be seen wandering this cemetery.

The Tower of Terror:  The ghost of a man walking against the flow of traffic can be seen in this ride.

Epcott Center:   The ghost of a little girl who died on this ride still wanders the area.

Universal Orlando:  Back to the Future:  The third floor of this ride is haunted by unknown spirits.

I've packed my camera and am hopeful that I'll find interesting stories at each of these places.   Even in the sunlight,  there are shadows to be found and  I'm hoping to bring back more than a sunburn. 


Courtney Mroch said…
I hope you have a better than expected trip. If you have time to drive to Casadaga, you might really enjoy that. Haunts and psychics and small town charm there. It's east on I-4 not even an hour away.

Also, Spook Hill is not too far from Orlando either. (If you were old enough and watched That's Incredible that's where I first saw it. It's where parked cars roll uphill. But it looked more exciting on TV then when I went and did it.)

Hope you have a good vacation!
Jessica Penot said…
I might check those out... They sound wonderful. You seem to know haunted Florida pretty well. Have you been here?
Ken Hambrick said…
If you ever take a trip back to Florida hook up with the local paranormal groups here. There is a lot to Florida that many don't know and we keep secret

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