The Headless Ghost of Ferrar House

There many ghost stories in the backwoods of Alabama.   They sneak out of the shadows of history and turn into nothing more than legend.  They are disregarded as the types of crazy stories old people tell to scare the children.  People who tell these stories tell them with a wink and a grin because they don't think they are true.   The story of the ghosts of  Ferrar House are told this way.  They are told as if they are legend. But there was a Ferrar House and the deaths that occurred in the old Ferrar House on Davis Road could very well be more than legend.

Perrin Ferrar lived in Limestone County with his wife and eight children.  He had four daughters and four sons. His eldest daughters were known for their beauty.  Apparently they caught the eye of someone dangerous,  because one knight someone snuck into the house on Davis Road and cut the two sleeping beauty's heads off.   Records show that Perrin did have two daughters that disappeared around this time.   After this,  the family moved.  They built another house on Snake Road  in 1854 and tried to move on.  However,  the two girls weren't ready to be forgotten.  They haunted the house on Snake Road and still haunt it to this day.

Their headless specters can be seen wandering the grounds of the old house.  Their white gowns are stained with blood and the bloody stumps where their heads should be offer a grisly reminder of the horrible way in which they died.     So even though some of this may only be legend,  there is enough truth in this story to keep it alive and enough people saw the bloodied maids to keep the story from dying.


Julie Ferguson said…
This legend will definately stay alive because it makes a great ghost story and people still claim to see the bloody ghosts of the two girls.....good story!

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