Where are the Easter Horror Movies?

I love b-grade horror movies.  It is a guilty pleasure.  One thing I love about horror in general is that there is a horror movie for every season.   My bloody Valentine for Valentines Day,  Silent Night Deadly Night or Gremlins for Christmas,   Halloween for Halloween, there is even a mutant, killer turkey movie for Thanksgiving.  But where are the Easter horror movies?  I've never seen or heard of one of these rare gems.   Is it so hard to make a holiday that was originally celebrated for the fertility goddess Oester into something scary or is it that Easter is simply too holy a day to be used for horror?  In the Philipines,  people are literally nailing themselves to crosses to celebtrate Easter.  It seems like there might be room for a horror movie in that.  Maybe I've missed something. Maybe there is a killer bunny movie out there, but where?


telos said…
You shoulda asked me, honey, I believe the movie, "Critters" has a classic Easter bunny death scene that should meet criteria.
Jessica Penot said…
You made my day. I haven't seen critters in a decade or so. I'll have to watch it again tonight!
The Wolf said…
Critters what a great cheesy movie how many did they make 30 of them ?
Sharon Day said…
"Night of the Lepus" is the one I think of--killer giant bunnies. There's an urban legend where I grew up in Northern Virginia about the "Bunnyman." Ever since, I've never been comfortable with men in bunny suits! (a supposed killer in a bunny suit)
Jessica Penot said…
Snake Eyes, they made at least 100 critters movies, maybe more.

Autumnforest, I will look for Night of the Lepus on Netflix. That sounds wonderful.
Courtney Mroch said…
It's not a horror movie and it's not exactly an Easter movie (kind of though), and I'll probably go to hell for sure now for suggesting it, but Passion of the Christ. In a round about way. ;) (Okay, I'm joking, but I seriously think you're on to something. Sure wish them movie makers in Hollywood would try something novel and new and make an Easter horror movie rather than messing with all the remakes like they are!)
Unknown said…
I'm with ya! I found some movies that more or less qualify as Easter Horror and turned it into an article. It includes a couple already mentioned - Night of the Lepus (classic!), Critters 2 (Easter bunny dies!) and more. You can check out the article here: http://bit.ly/9Oin7t Let me know what you think! Thanks
Anonymous said…
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Jeffery said…
Hehehehehe!..It's not an Easter movie but you will find the terrifying bunny of death in Monty Pythons The Search for the Holy Grail. It's wonderfully absurd!
Anonymous said…
there is a Finnish film called "Bunny the Killer Thing", but it is not happening at the eastern time though.


the trailer:
Anonymous said…
I've actually been spending an evening compiling a list of killer bunny related movies (Note- I have not looked into these yet, so I don't know if they're any good:
Donie Darko
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
One Crazy Summer
Night of the Lepus
Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!
Easter Bunny Bloodbath
Peter Rottentail
Watership Down
Bunny the Killer Thing
Easter Casket
Easter Sunday
Serial Rabbit 3: Splitting Hairs
The Bunny Game
The Easter Bunny is Eating my Candy

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