Top 10 Best Zombie Movies Ever!

I have been watching more zombie movies that any human being probably should watch lately.  I'm trying to run daily and I find these movies keep me in motion on the treadmill.   Something about zombies keeps me going. Last night I was able to tackle the Zombie Diaries,  Return of the Living Dead III, and Return of the Living Dead:  Rave to the Grave.   None of these were the best zombie movies ever.   However,  as my zombie movie collection spreads across the house,  I thought it would be fun to rate the zombie movies that I believe are the best.  These are the ones that keep me watching the genre and waiting for more.

10.   Zombieland:       This new film made me weep with joy.  In an ocean of crappy new zombie movies,  this movie proved that there are still wonderful things to be found and made in the zombie genre.

9.   Fido:         This is a boy and his dog story with a zombie instead of  a dog.   This is Pleasantville meets Night of the Living Dead.  It is a beautiful movie,  worth watching twice.

8. Shaun of the Dead:   This comical love story is a wonderful homage to the genre.

7.  Zombie:   No zombie top ten list would be complete without this movie that began an era of Italian zombie films that are both wonderful and horrible.   This movie also features an amazing zombie fighting great white shark scene that is too good to be missed.  

6.  Return of the Living Dead:    This is camp zombie horror at its best. 

5.  Dawn of the Dead:  I'm going to do something shocking here and not choose a version.  I enjoyed both the remake and the original and they both belong on this list.  

4.  Cemetery Man (Delemorte Delamore):   This Italian zombie film brought an end to the wonderful era of Italian zombie films.    It is beautiful, bizarre, and bewitching and is defintately one of the best.

3.  Dead & Buried:   This shocking and disturbing film is slow moving and deliberate.   The ending is unexpected and the film itself is surprisingly wonderful.  This is one of the rare scary zombie films.

2.  Dead Alive.    As far as I'm concerned,  this is Peter Jackson's masterpiece.  Featuring zombie stew, zombie sex, and zombie babies,  Dead Alive spirals downhill to an ending so grotesque and bizarre I've never seen it's equal. 

1.  Night of the Living Dead:   I'm not choosing between the original and the remake again.  I know this is unpopular, but they were both Romero at his best and I love them both!

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Sharon Day said…
Great list! I forgot all about Cemetery Man being zombie. I adore that film!!!! I need to add it to my collection. I would add "Dead Snow" for having the very best zombie fight scene ever in any zombie movie. Why can't there be this many good ghost haunting movies??? It's so unfair!
Pangs said…
I loved Cemetery Man.
Julie Ferguson said…
I have only seen half these movies. It looks like I'm going to have to get busy renting zombie movies. I will start with Cemetery Man and Zombieland.
Jessica Penot said…
I was thinking the same thing. It was so easy for me to make this list and it took forever to make the ghost list. It is unfair.
Jessica Penot said…
Above the norm,,,, Those are two good places to start!
Courtney Mroch said…
AWESOME list! We have much the same taste in zombie entertainment. (I haven't seen Dead Alive or Dead & Buried yet though. Reminded me of ones to add to Netflix queue. Thanks!)
Arrg. I've been trying to track down Dead & Buried for so long, still haven't seen it. Agree with much of this list. Have you ever seen "Let sleeping corpses lie"? It's one of the better ones, and I never see it on these lists.
Unknown said…
I do agree that Cemetery Man is one of the best, if not the best, zombie film. There are several good reasons for that:

There are several movies on this list that I hadn't heard of before. I think my interest in zombies just got revitalized!
Anonymous said…
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