Passing the Beautiful Blogger Award Along to Some of My New Favorite Blogs!

Last Friday, Courtney from Haunt Jaunts stopped by to let me know she’d named Ghost Stories and Haunted Places among one of fifteen other blogs she was passing along a Beautiful Blog Award to.  She had listed many of my favorite blogs in her top 15.  I would like to mention that although they didn't make the list, Para-blog and Above the Norm would have been on my list if Courtney hadn't already grabbed them.    She has a great eye for good blogs and I'm honored to be on her top 15.

THANKS, Courtney!


1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.


1. Labrynthian Creations
2. Magikal Seasons
3. Dark Destinations
4. Beyond the Wire
5. A Haunting We Will Go
6. Poetic Zombie
7. Giardian Diner
8. The Ghost Lounge
9. Zen and the Art of Zombies
10. Frog on a Pumpkin
11. Zombie Zadie
12. Illiteration Nation
13. Court’s Corner
14. Lady Lovecraft
15. Allison Gregg

7 Things About Myself:

1.  I have two books coming out at the end of this year.  Both are ghostly.  One is a Haunted History book and the other is a horror novel set in a haunted institution.

2. During the day,  when I am not writing,  I work on the psychiatric floor of a hospital.  I run psychotherapy groups, do individual therapy, and do intakes. 

3.  I always try to see the best in every situation.  Life is hard and the world can be horrifying, but every tragedy has a ray of light and every dark place hides beauty.   I travel to find this beauty and I work to find this beauty in the most broken and lost of human souls and I hope that I can help these people find the beauty in themselves.

4.  I love the outdoors.  I've hiked most of the Appalachian Trail and I have climbed Mt. Kilimajaro.  I'm a den mother for my's son's cub scout den and I love taking the boys into the woods to hike and discover nature.

5.  I have a lot of pets.  My sister and I breed corgis.  I have two corgis, 1 cat, 1 snake, and 2 frogs.  My sons also fill the house with all kinds of bugs in jars and plastic containers.

6.  I have an interesting family.  My father is Filipino.  My brother is a concert pianist and composer of some repute in the classical music world..My parents spent much of my early childhood travelling from place to place with their band.  My 2 sisters and 1 younger brother grew up  in a boat with my father.  My mother's family has had a haunted house that has been in the family for 150 yrs and her mother had a love affair with a ghost via the ouijia board.  We are a strange lot, but we are never boring. 
7.    I love reading.   I read almost every kind of book,  but my favorite will always be history.  I love historical fiction like Bernard Cornwell and  real history and everything in between.


magikalseasons said…
Congrats on the award! And thanks for passing it on I'm honored. I'd love to pick up copies of both the books you have coming out! Please let us know when. :)
The Wolf said…
Congragulations for the award and a big thanks for passing it along to mine. I havn't received an award for a blog before so this is very cool. I'm also curious am I suppose to display this award on my blog somewhere ?
Jessica Penot said…
I plan on displaying it on my blog. I'm not sure if you are supposed to, however.
Clarence Dass said…
Congratz on your award, and thank you for choosing "Zen and the Art of Zombies" as one your fave 15 :D

I'm glad you enjoy my blog and hope to keep you entertained through the posts to come :P
Zombie Mom said…
Thank you so much for the honor of the award! It was so interesting reading your 7 things, and I'd love to read your books! Please let us know where we can get them when they are released.
Thank you for following my blog....stay scary!
Patty said…
Thank you so much for passing the award on to my blog. A haunting we will go.... I hope you enjoy reading it and I am excited to read yours! Thanks again.
Pam Morris said…
thanks and thanks again for the blogger award! I am honored...
Courtney Mroch said…
You are sooo funny! I LOVED your answers. I knew the first couple of things about you, and I was aware you had a haunted house in your family, but the raising Corgis or climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro? WOW! That's some cool stuff. And even cooler to find out you're also an animal lover! I'm jealous you have frogs! I LOVE frogs and turtles but have not talked Wayne into allowing me to have one or the other yet. Or both...that's why I haven't gone out and just gotten one yet. I can't decide which I'd like more really!

Very cool answers! This was fun to learn more about you!
Jessica Penot said…
Thanks Courtney. I was tickled to see you were an animal lover in your answers too! The frogs are technically my son's, but I feed them and care for them.

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