The Gray Lady

Gray Ladies are the ghosts of women who died violently for the sake of love or through the heartless actions of a family member.  They are tragic figures and many ghosts fit this description.  They are the lonely women ghosts who wandering the world, lost.  There are grey lady stories throughout the world and they are as prolific as any ghost story, but my favorite Gray lady is a girl named Kate.

Her story as much legend as anything and is tragic and beautiful.  According to legend,   William Oatway lured a ship ashore one night so he could plunder it.   A survivor washed ashore from the ship.  The young woman had been beaten up pretty badly and her face was mangled beyond all recognition.  William tried to save the poor woman, but he couldn't and when she died he robbed her blind.  He took all her jewellery and her money belt and cast her body back into the water.

Not much time had had past before the authorities came to Mr. Oatway's.    They informed him that his daughter had recently boarded a ship and that the ship had been found crashed upon the rocks not too far from his house.   Mr. Oatway was devestated.  He had killed his own daughter.   Her body was returned to him and he walled it up in a secret room.   A century or so later the room was discovered and the bones were buried, but Kate's ghost still lingers in the house were she grew up with her murderous and trecherous father, William Oatway.    Her ghost is said to wander Chambercombe Manor all clad in gray, forever mourning her own death.

Chambercombe Manor,  where Miss Kates ghost still linger's is also said to be haunted by Lady Jane Grey whose tragic story as Queen for 9 days has been depicted in many movies and books.  The secret room where Ms. Kate's body was found is below.


Pam Morris said…
another good one!
Anonymous said…
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