A Phantom in the Woods

The woods near Oscoda, Michigan are filled with legends.   Oscoda is a small town near Saginaw bay by Lake Huron.   Many of these stories surround Lake Solitude.  Lake Solitude used to to be attached to Lake Huron, but the years have cut it off, isolating it and now only a trickle of water connect the lake to the larger body of water.  Near the lake are the ruins of  Au Sable, the region's oldest settlement.   Over the years this area has become associated with witchcraft and ghosts and there are tales of many local ghosts.  

The story of one of these resident ghosts was told best by a group of hunters that once got lost wandering the shores of this lake.  The hunters had gotten seperated from their group and lost their bearings.  They spent hours wandering through the woods in a desperate attempt to find anything that looked familiar.  But all their attempts were in vain and they were unable to find any help.  When they had finally given up and sat down,  a young woman seemed to appear out of nowhere.  She was lovely and amiable and the group immediated trusted her.  She explained to them that she was a local farmer's daughter and that she knew the woods very well.   She guided them back to the safety of town.  The hunters were so greatful that they turned to thank her and then they watched her vanish into thin air.

When they got back to town,  they went to the local bar to have a beer and relax.  As they drank, they told their story to the bartender.   He knew the story well.   The ghost was well known in those parts.  The young woman's name had been Leona and her family had once had a farm in those woods. Back in 1929, Leona had been shot and killed by a hunter who mistook her for a deer. Since then, her spirit had been seen many times, usually leading lost people out of the forest.


Autumnforest said…
I am absolutely a freak about ghost stories involving woods. In a manuscript I'm writing now, there's a haunted farmhouse in the woods. There's something about the forgotten settlers in an area still haunting that seems so sad and lonely.
magikalseasons said…
I haven't been up there in years but I do love that area. The Huron National Forest is vast and Lake Huron is cold but beautiful. My favoite place for petosky stones. My Great Aunt had a place in Harrisville. North of there. Locals don't like people poking around that area so we didn't go there. We did visit the Sturgeaon Point Lighthouse in Harrisville. The lighthouse and keeper's home now a muesum are said to be haunted. We did not go at night to see the lights coming on by themselves but I can say it was a chilling and magical place. I miss it up there maybe this summer we'll make a trip. I'd like to see the phantom in the woods. Not the getting lost part that would be too scary!
great story! i have several relatives that have met people and conversed with them, only to later find out that they had been dead.
Jessica Penot said…
Autumn, I can't wait to read some of your work! It sounds wonderful. I love woods ghosts too.

magikal seasons, I haven't been looking for petosky stones in years. I miss that. I'm hoping to come back and visit family this summer, so hopefully I'll get a chance to revisit this area myself.

Marbella, Thanks. I can't believe you've actually talked to the dead! I'm lucky if I can see them in passing. You must have a gift.
Courtney Mroch said…
Very neat story. I love these kinds...woods, ghosts AND a helpful, benevolent one at that. (I think that's the part I liked most. That she offered her assistance.)
semental said…
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crespo said…
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Anonymous said…
I did some exploration concerning this story. My sister and I took pictures of the area.we noticed something unusual. The pictures had a mysterious black spot on the pictures of the ruins. I took another photo. No spot. It was not the camera. If there is a Leona She Is real on photo at least something.

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