A Phantom Soldier

I have been out and about talking with people about ghosts and trying to find the origin of certain local ghost stories.   In my journey,  I've discovered something wonderful.  Once you start asking about ghosts, people pull you aside and tell you the most amazing ghost stories.  Here is one of the wonderful stories I heard today.

This story came from a man of science who had always considered himself a skeptic.  He went on a trip to a secluded cabin in the woods with his wife.   It was a small, rustic cabin with a field behind it and a hot tub on the back deck.  He and his wife were having a good time in the hot tub and he took a picture of his wife with her back to the field.  Later, when he studied the picture, he saw a phantom man standing behind his wife in the field.  The man was dressed in old clothes and looked like a soldier.   As a skeptic, this man did everything he could to explain the diaphonous figure standing behind his wife, clutching a hat.   But there was simply no rational explaination for the figure.   The man then went to the cabin's owner and asked about the cabin.  The owner explained that the field behind the cabin had been the site of  a minor skirmish or two during the civil war and that the cabin had always been the site of strange occurences.  I asked the man if I could get the information from him so I could rent this haunted cabin.  He was reluctant to pass the information on and as we were speaking, the owner of the cabin, whom he hadn't spoken to in over a year, called him. 


Sharon Day said…
Do you need anymore signs that you have to stay there? That's cool!
Courtney Mroch said…
I always get a kick out of the stories people are willing to share too if you ask. And I like how you noted how they "pull you aside." It's like it's taboo to speak of or something, but they do! They totally have to pull you into a corner away from others and almost whisper in hushed tones the secrets they know...it cracks my hub up when I ask and we get this response. (Which is like 80% of the time when I ask.) That's why above all else this caught my eye about in this post of yours.

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