How to Build a Ghost Hunting Kit

There has been a recent explosion in excitement about ghosts and the supernatural which has lead to an enormous increase in ghost hunting.  There are ghost hunting tv shows, clubs, and websites.   Ghost hunting has become as popular as spiritualism in the early 20th century.  I'm not a ghost hunter.  What fascinates me most about haunted places are the stories, the histories, and the mythologies that grow from experiences with the unexplained.  I love going to haunted places and feeling the history.  I love learning the story of the place and understanding it, however, as I started planning for several trips over the next few months I thought I would go exploring and try to find new haunted places.   In doing this,  I thought it might be fun to take some ghost hunting tools with and just see how they work.   I've done my research and here is what the American Ghost Hunting Society and other books say a ghost hunter should never be without while conducting paranormal investigations.

1.  Notebook and pen

2.  Sketch pad and drawing pencils (drawing maps of locations)

3.  Measuring tape (for checking distances)

4.  Flashlight

5.  Recording device for E.V.P. recording:
          Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronically generated noises that resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings. Common sources include static, stray radio transmissions and background noise. Some people claim these sounds are of paranormal origin.

6.  Camera

7. Video camera (preferably with night vision)

10.   Paranormal Detection Equipment
         There are many possibilities here.  Electromagnetic Field Meters are the most popular and commonly used devices by ghost hunters today.  They are used to record and document disruption in the electromagnetic field of a location.   IR Motion Detectors are also very useful in measuring unexplained movement in an area. Thermometers and Temperature Sensing devices can also be used  to track cold spots that are believed to signal that a ghost is present. 

So now I know what tools I need and I will try to gather as many of these items as possible so I can see if this equipment responds to any of the haunted places I will be travelling to.  This should be fun!


Sharon Day said…
This is one of my favorite subjects, Jessica! I'm glad you're hitting upon it. I started out with a camera and thermometer and then went mad and added on EMF meter, KII meter, video camera, barometer, voice recorder, dowsing rods, you name it! My hubby is an electrical engineer and rolled his eyes at the EMF meter. Without controlled conditions, it's really useless. I rather agree. The KII meter was worth it to me and that's probably because it can only go off right up against a plug outlet or switch. That way, I can use it in the middle of the room away from electrical and it's more accurate if it lights up. The voice recorder isn't successful for me and that's because I refuse to use any EVP that is not class A or B (obviously language) and because most locations are honestly too loud nowadays. Even indoors a home, someone outside can come through the bathroom ceiling vents and hood over the stove and through thin windows. I always say the best device for ghost hunting is still the human body. I know when to start recording and photographing when I get those sensations. Everyone knows them; they're hairs standing on end, breathlessness, crushing head and chest, pressure in the ears. I too am a lover of history and dark creepy places which is probably why I stop at ever abandoned place I can find. I love to touch the place and walk it and feel the good and bad memories of it. The hunting part came across because I wished to find proof for others who haven't experienced it, but honestly if the ghost hunting shows can't capture it with all their freaking cameras and witnesses, what chance do I have? Now, I look for experiences that confirm my theories and satisfy my mind and curiosity. I'll let others find their own experiences that make them go "aha!" Fantastic post, by the way.
Grim said…
You forgot psychic! lol

I guess I didn't realize I have six of the things on this list already. Sweet! The only things I'm missing are the most expensive stuff: an E.V.P. recorder, and an E.M.F. detector though like autumnforest suggested, I think I'd rather pick up a KII meter. Would love to have an IR motion detector and FLIR camera but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Now all I need is a haunt spot.
Jessica Penot said…
I was going to add the psychic to my list, but I couldn't find one on so I figured it would be unrealistic for my list. I think I may let the E.M.F. go for the KII meter too The biggest thing I think I'm going to buy is a video camera.
Courtney Mroch said…
I think the comments on this one are as entertaining as the post!

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